Box 15









Box 15

Folder 1 Unknown artist. [Decorative image of the Upham Family register]; Watercolor, Pen and Ink. (19 ½ x 15 in) (49 ½ x 38 cm). No date. Gift of Robert H. Goddard, 1950. [Old number: W 3] Enlarge

Family register decorated with two pillars topped with urns; the two pillars are connected by a band of stars. Births are decorated with birds in a nest, deaths with weeping willow trees. Two floral images scroll down the left and right side with pink, blue and white flowers as well as a bowl of flowers on top. The register is for the Upham Family and lists the births and deaths for Hutchings Patten Upham and Susan Pease Upham.

Folder 2 Unknown artist. [Image of a Storefront]; Watercolor. (21 ½ x 9 7/8 in) (54 ½ x 25 cm). No date. [Old number: W 10] Enlarge

Image of the exterior of a tall four and a half story building between two other tall buildings. The building has a slate roof, a red exterior and a storefront with two doorways. One of the doorways is labeled, “44” and the other “42.” In the windows are two women looking at reams of fabric. Atop the building is a weathervane; in the foreground is a sidewalk and street. To the right of the building is a building labeled, “Goods” to the right a building “John Jon” Image could possibly be a storefront on Main Street in Worcester, MA.

Folder 3 Unknown artist. [Diagram of the lower deck of a slave ship]; Watercolor. (10 ¼ x 38 5/8 in) (25 x 99 cm). ca. 1840-60. [Old number: W 62] Enlarge

Colored diagram of a slave ship with yellow painted hammocks tied to wooden beams. The hammocks are lined up evenly in arranged in vertical rows towards the bow of the ship. Towards the stern are indistinguishable green triangles arranged horizontally; the very rear of the ship has a decorative of circles, semicircles, rectangles and squared colored red, green and brown. In the center are colored decorated rectangles. The hammocks are annotated with roman numerals and numbers. Rows of hammocks are tied to wooden beams. Hull is filled with Bow – front stern back.

Folder 4 Unknown artist. [Image of the Henshaw Coat of Arms]; Watercolor. (17 ½ x 12 ½ in) (44 ½ x 32 cm). No date. [Old number: W 63] Enlarge

Image of a coat of arms made up of a shield divided in quarters. Two of the quarters are black and white stripes, two have birds and triangles. Surrounding the shield on both sides are red and blue leaves; there are tassels cascading below. Atop the shield is a bird standing on a wing. Several areas of the image are sewn with what appears to be a metallic thread. Manuscript notation on the Henshaw family is beneath the image. Note: image is painted on textile.

Folder 5 Grant, Gordon (1875-1962). [Image of a sailing vessel]; Watercolor. (21 1/8 x 20 ½ in) (53 ½ x 52 cm). No date. [Old number: W 64] Enlarge

Marine image of a large ship with three masts and numerous sails on a choppy ocean. Visible on deck are silhouettes of several men at the rigging. There is a red flag atop the central mast with a white cross. Image is signed in the lower left “Gordon Grant.” Conservation treatment request on file indicates the item was removed from the McLoughlin Collection.




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