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Box 12

Folder 1 Thulstrup, Thure de (1848-1930). The Halt; Pen Sketch. (15 ¾ x 11 ¾ in) (40 x 30 cm). [1884?]. [Old number: PIW 10] Enlarge

Image of a man standing at a covered well with a full beard, brimmed hat and large black boots. He is looking into power horn holding onto a water pail; attached to him by straps and buckles is a rifle and a sword. To his left is a saddled horse drinking out of a trough. Behind him is a house. Image may possibly for a book illustration. Note: item has a large tear in the upper left hand corner. Signed in the lower right “Thulstrup.” Manuscript annotation reads “Reduce” with arrows. Annotation on reverse: “Pub Dec/2/1884?” Note on file says “Thulstrup was a Swedeish artist who came to American and illustrated for the New York Daily Graphic, Frank Leslie’s and Harper’s. He was best known for his paintings of American colonial life.”

Folder 2 Unknown artist. Independence Guard; Pen and Ink. (8 1/8 x 15 1/8 in) (20 ½ x 38 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 16] Enlarge

Architectural drawing of the exterior of a building called Independence Guard. The exterior has four columns, numerous paneled windows and a decorative lower panel. Numbers “1836” the words “Independence Guard” and “1839” are in gold ink. Additional grid drawn on bottom in ink; math notation on reverse as well as a small sketch of shapes.

Folder 3 [Thomas, Isaiah (1749-1831).] [Frontispiece of the New Testament]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (12 x 8 ¼ in) (30 ½ x 21 cm). 1791. [Old number: PIW 19] Enlarge

Biblical image featuring Christ wearing robes and extending his arm to a leafed Adam; Adam’s head is down and his arms crossed on his chest. Christ’s head is hallowed and he is standing on bones, a serpent and tablets; behind him is the cross. To the left behind Adam are thick clouds; behind Christ is a sun with a triangle and arch. The image is bordered several times with ink and wash. At the base of the image is a winged figure; on the top is a religious motif with a bird and cross. Manuscript notation at bottom reads, “Designed by Isaiah Thomas for the Folio Bible printed by him in 1791” Manuscript notation at top reads: “First and Second Adam” Engraved plate of this image is opposite page 788 in Volume 2 of the The Holy Bible, folio ed. Worcester, 1791. In AAS collections: Dated Books Folio. Plate engraved by Joseph Seymour.

Folder 4 Unknown artist [Family Crest for the Ruggles family]; Pen Sketch. (14 5/8 x 13 1/8 in) (37 ½ x 33 ½ cm). ca. 1803-1812. [Old number: PIW 7] Enlarge

Family coat of arms featuring a heart with three roses divided by a triangular shape. Beneath it are vines tied together and a banner in pencil reading: “By the Name of Ruggles.” On top of the heart is a flag waving to the left. The image is torn in the upper left and right hand corners and backed with muslin. Note: image is the same as some of the other Ruggles family coats of arms in the AAS collection; the one variation is instead of a castle with turrets there is a flag with seventeen stars. Note on file indicates image was probably made by a child.

Folder 5 Unknown artist. [Image of a shepherd in a field with sheep with text, “Lord when I consider thy heavens…”]; Pen Sketch. (12 x 15 in) (30 ½ x 38 cm). 1804. Gift of Eric Rudd, 28 Dec. 1984. [Old number: PIW 22] Enlarge

Image of a shepherd kneeling in a field with a cane in his hand, eyes rolled up, his arm bent and facing the sky. In the sky are the moon, stars and clouds. To the left is his hat, to the right a sheep; in front of him is a flock with lambs, sheep and rams. He is wearing high boots, breeches, a vest, coat and scarf tied around his neck; to the left are numerous trees. Underneath the image is Psalm 8:3-4 followed by the text, “Pastoral Devotion.” Note: the image is bordered in ink.

Folder 6 Carroll, S.L. [S.L. Carroll Teacher of Writing and Pen-Drawing]; Pen Sketch. (12 x 15 in) (30 ½ x 38 cm). ca. 1840-50. [Old number: PIW 23] Enlarge

Possibly a broadside advertisement for “S.L. Carroll Teacher of Writing and Pen Drawing”” Each of the words are written a different font. Surrounding the words “Teacher of Writing” are two partridges and numerous flowers. Underneath the text is a scene “Landing of the Pilgrims Dec. 22, 1620.” This image is modeled off the engraving by S.E. Brown which accompanies the item; the scene features Pilgrims landing in a boat in the snow. Above this scene are four smaller scenes – one with boys fishing, one with boys sledding, one with a man and a dog chasing a boy in a tree and the fourth of a town with mills.

Folder 7 Staniford, D[aniel? (1766-1820)]. [Memorial of Joseph Lord]; Pen Sketch. (16 5/8 x 10 ½ in) (42 x 27 cm). 1797. [Old number: PIW 27] Enlarge

Mourning piece for Joseph Lord. The memorial is divided into three columns, all three of which have additional decorative columns. The memorial is bordered by leaves and scrolls; atop the memorial is an urn which starts, “Eternity how long!!” To the left and right are trees. At the foot of the memorial is manuscript notation which reads “To the parents and friends of the amiable Joseph Lord, this Monument in testimony of their fond affection and tender esteem for there beloved friend and schoolmate, is most respectfully inscribed by the young Friends of the deceased the Pupils of Mr. Staniford, Preceptor of West-Boston-School, Presented to them at the request and in behalf of the affectionate Friends of the deceased by their friend & humble servant, D. Staniford.” Several of the trees are washed with green ink. Note: the image is backed on muslin.  

Folder 8 Penniman, John Ritto (1782-1841). [Membership certificate for Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic-Association]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (10 5/8 x 15 1/8 in) (27 x 38 ½ cm). 1818. [Old number: PIW 35] Enlarge

Image for the membership certificate of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic-Association. At the top is a motif of a bent arm with a hammer holding up a balance scale labeled, “Be Just and Fear Not.” Underneath are draftsman’s tools, a beehive with bees, a pulley, coins, a ship with mast, a cornucopia, a Massachusetts flag with seal and to the right Archimedes looking up towards the arm in the sky; there are clouds in the sky. There is an area left blank labeled “Seal.” Image is signed in red ink in the lower left: “Designed Drawn & Wrote by Jno. R. Penniman Boston 1818.” Note on file says: Engraved proof in membership certificates.

Folder 9 Penniman, John Ritto (1782-1841). [Membership certificate for New England Society for South Carolina]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (11 5/8 x 15 5/8 in) (29 ½ x 40 cm). 1818. [Old number: PIW 36] Enlarge

Certificate with motif images at the bottom. In the background on the bottom is a harbor with five masted ships. To the left is a tent with people anchored by tree limbs. In front of the tent is a fire pit with cast iron pot and people cooking; to the left is a grove of trees and an alligator. In the center is a seal labeled, “Posteris Lumen. Majorum Gloria.” The seal is surrounded by two crests, one has a Native American with bow and star, one has a palm tree with two shields. Sitting atop the scene is an eagle with a banner reading “E. Pluribus Unum.” The dates 1620 and 1820 are on the bottom. Above the image are several lines and a cloud with a hand emerging. The hand is holding a banner which reads, “I. Pete Regna Per Undas.” Image is signed on the bottom: “Design’d & Drawn by J.R. Penniman. Boston.” Note on file says: Engraved proof in membership certificates.

Folder 10 [Berkhunt?]. [Landscape of a Mountain Scene]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (13 ½ x 10 in) (34 ½ x 25 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 42] Enlarge

Landscape image featuring a large mountain range in the distance. In the foreground are fallen trees, bushes and rocks; central are tall pine trees and a lake. Image is signed in the lower right [Berkhunt?].

Folder 11 Unknown artist. [Image of ducks, ducklings and swans]; Pen and Ink. (10 ¼ x 14 1/8 in) (26 x 36 cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 43] Enlarge

Image of several adult swans in a body of water. They are surrounded by several ducklings, a duck on a small beach and two ducks flying in the air. To the left of them is a dilapidated fence with a bird atop and reeds. The webbed feet of some of the birds is visible through the water. Note: image possibly a book illustration. Note on file indicates the birds may be geese.

Folder 12 Kramer (Kraemer), Peter (1823-1907). [Political cartoon of five cent bill]; Pen and Ink. (13 7/8 x 19 in) (35 ½ x 48 ½ cm). [1873?]. [Old number: PIW 47] Enlarge

Political cartoon featuring a man, possibly President Ulysses S. Grant, holding a large stick. He is looking angrily down at rats with caricature faces; one of the rats is wearing a button which says “5 cent bill.” The rats are numerous and fade off into the distance; several of them are climbing aboard a train which is steaming towards the horizon. Behind the tall figure are several other men and workers. In the foreground are construction tools; in the background a factory building with numerous billowing smoke stacks. Possibly a depiction of the 1873 Salary Grab or the Crédit Mobilier scandal. Signed in the lower left: “P. Kramer.” Annotation on left reads: “10 ½ in.”

Folder 13 Prang, Louis (1824-1909). [Image of Cumming’s Handpress]; Ink and Wash. (10 5/8 x 13 3/8 in) (27 x 34 cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 57] Enlarge

Image of a printing press with a large metal base, a hand crank and two gears; the bed of the press is large. Operating the press faintly in the background is a man with rolled sleeves and a moustache. Image is signed in the upper right “Cumming’s Handpress which we used exclusively in our printshop beginning with 1856. They were excellent presses. L. Prang.”

Folder 14 Harmon, Nancy Hewit (1792-). [Image depicting a scene from Campbell’s ‘The wounded hussar’]; Ink and Wash. (10 5/8 x 13 3/8 in) (27 x 34 cm). ca. 1810. Gift of Franklin Sciacca, May 30, 2008. [Old number: PIW 58] Enlarge

Image of a woman kneeling in a field wearing an empire dress; her hair is pulled up and tied in a scarf. She is looking away from a wounded man who is laid out before her in a uniform; his hair is curly and his eyes are closed. Behind her are numerous trees and bushes, in the foreground is a stone path; a moon hangs above in the sky. Written on bottom is the Thomas Campbell Scottish ballad ‘The Wounded Hussar,’ first line: “Alone to the Banks of the dark rolling Danube.” Note: image is painted on textile. Note on file reads: “This drawing was made by my maternal Great-Grandmother, Nancy Hewit (Mrs. Calvin Harmon-born 1792 at Stonington Conn) while at Miss Patton’s School in Hartford, Conn., in 1810. Dudley Megg” Also included is a business card. AAS has in its collections several broadsides and sheet music covers depicting this ballad. Bib ID: 426459.

Folder 15 Penniman, John Ritto (1782-1841). [Membership certificate for Providence Association of Manufacturers and Mechanics]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (11 5/8 x 15 5/8 in) (29 ½ x 40 cm). No date. [Old number: PIW 59] Enlarge

Image for a membership certificate with an area in center for a seal; the area is washed red. There is a statue of Archimedes to the left as well as several tools, pulleys and printing presses. To the right are a several printing presses and a man laying brickwork for a building with numerous columns. Behind the motif is a port with ships, canal boats, numerous masts and sails, a steepled church, a flag and tall buildings; there are also people with horses and carts. Above the scene is a belt arm holding a scale and hammer. Beneath the arm is a sign which reads, “Be Just and Fear Not.” AAS has the engraving of the membership certificate R 36 S C P5.

Folder 16 Unknown artist. [Portrait of an unidentified man from the waist]; Wash over photograph. (17 ¾ x 14 ¾ in) (45 ½ x 37 ½ cm). No date. Bequest of Ken Leach, 2008. [Old number: PIW 60] Enlarge

Portrait photograph wash of a man from the waist facing slightly left. He has graying cropped hair and a long goatee. He is wearing a white collared shirt, a dark vest and a dark coat. Visible in the bottom left is the underlying photographic print. Bib ID: 423900.

Folder 17 Unknown artist. [Head portrait of N[icholas?] Biddle]; Ink and Wash. (14 ½ x 10 7/8 in) (36 ½ x 27 ½ cm). No date. Gift of Edward John Gately, 5 July 2006; Nancy Burkett Collection. [Old number: PIW 64] Enlarge

Portrait profile of a man facing left. He has chin-length curly hair. The muscles and features of his face are outlined in a wash. Black ink surrounds the portrait. Image is labeled on bottom “N. Biddle.” Manuscript notation on reverse reads: “Silhouette of N. Biddell.” Note: image has been folded.

Folder 18 Winslow, C. [Image of the Mormon Temple at Nauvoo, Illinois]; Ink and Wash. (12 3/8 x 9 ¾ in) (31 ½ x 25 cm). ca. 1840-6. Gift of Lawrence W. Jenkins. [Old number: PIW 65] Enlarge

Exterior drawing of a tall temple. The temple has six pillars with heads and trumpets atop, a staircase, arched windows and doorway and a balcony. There is a clock underneath the pillared dome. Manuscript notation on bottom reads “Grand Temple or the ‘Mormons’ at the City of ‘Nauvoo’ (or the Happy or promised land)” Additional notation in blue ink on the bottom attached sheet describes the physical features of the temple. Written in blue ink with manuscript notation is “C. Winslow D.”

Folder 19 Unknown artist [A Description of Dartmoor Prison, (London)]; Pen, Ink and Wash. (15 3/8 x 12 ¾ in) (39 ½ x 25 cm). 1812. [Old number: PIW 73] Enlarge

Circular image of a prison with a key at the bottom; the image is made up of concentric circles. On the outer circle are numerous soldiers with bayonets in red coats. In the second circle are four buildings; these buildings are enclosing another wall which have six buildings. Cutting through the image is a path. Scattered throughout the second and center circles are men wearing hats and blue clothing as well as other soldiers in red coats walking with bayonets. Visible also are other houses, a carriage with horses and a church. Note: the image is mutilated in the lower left hand corner and letters A-G are missing form the key. Also missing is what was under the letter “S” on the key which is possibly the artist’s name. Note: AAS has several engravings of Dartmoor Prison in the collection, one by DeWitt Hitchcock in 1845 and one by George Smith in 1815. Also see View of Dartmoor Prison engraved by John Melish, Phila, 1818.

Folder 20 Seckendorff, Dr. G. de. [Sketch of the Study and Dwelling house of the Reverend Timothy Alden]; Pencil. (13 7/8 x 11 ¼ in) (35 x 28 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: No old number] Enlarge

Image of the side of a two-story home with a stone foundation; there is a path leading up to the front door. Behind the home is a small shed and to the right a small structure with four columns. Cutting across the scene is a criss-crossed fence made of tree limbs. In the background is a thick forest. Image is signed in the lower right: “Dr. G. De Seckendorff del.” Note: the image is bordered in ink. Item removed from the “Views collection” from Meadville, Pennsylvania.




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