Box 11









Box 11

Folder 1 Unknown artist. [Portrait of Mrs. John B. Gough]; Charcoal and wash over a photograph. (16 3/8 x 13 ½ in) (42 x 34 ½ cm). No date. Gift of Mrs. Walter D. Allen, 1950. [Old number: C 12] No image available

Bust portrait of a woman facing the viewer; she has graying straight hair parted down the middle and pulled back to the nape of her neck. The woman has wrinkles around here eyes, a small nose and small lips. She is wearing a black dress with large buttons, a white collar, a brooch and a shawl draped over her shoulders. Note on file reads: Mrs. John B. Gough (Mary Whitcomb), died April 1891.

Folder 2 Pratt, Frederick Sumner (1845-1924). Near Mill Street, Worcester; Charcoal. (17 ½ x 11 3/8 in) (44 x 29 cm). 1886. [Old number: C 16] Enlarge

Landscape featuring a brook, grasses, bushes and a grove of trees; in the distance is a home set against additional trees. Central is the low brook; bordering the water is stone. The image is signed in the lower left “FSP 86.” Obituary of Frederick Pratt on file.

Folder 3 Pratt, Frederick Sumner (1845-1924). West Street; Charcoal. (17 ½ x 11 3/8 in) (44 x 29 cm). 1886. [Old number: C 17] Enlarge

Landscape of a forked road leading into a grove of tall pine trees; visible in the distance is the chimney of a building. To the right is a grass field. The image is signed in the lower left “FSP 1886.”

Folder 4 Pratt, Frederick Sumner (1845-1924). Salisbury Pond; Charcoal. (11 3/8 x 17 ½ in) (29 x 44 cm). 1886. [Old number: C 18] Enlarge

Landscape image of a pond with a central building on an island. The building is one story and has a structure attached to the front; a wooden railing leads down to the water. Behind it is a grove of trees. In the distance are several single-story homes. Visible in the water is a reflection of the main building and trees. The image is signed in the lower right “FSP ‘86.”

Folder 5 Pratt, Frederick Sumner (1845-1924). Portrait of Isaac Davis; Chalk. (15 ½ x 9 ¼ in) (39 ½ x 23 ½ cm). ca 1886. [Old number: C 19] Enlarge

Portrait from the knee of an older Isaac Davis facing slightly left. He has long white hair and a chin beard; he is wearing a long dark coat with buttons. In his hand he is holding a folded paper; his other arm is bent and his hand is in his breast pocket. Image is signed in the lower left “FS.” Note on bottom reads: “Hon. Isaac Davis drawn by F.S. Pratt.” Cardboard item was mounted on says in Clarence Brigham’s handwriting, “crayon by F.S. Pratt.”
Folder 6 Harris, Samuel (1783-1810). Jeremy Belknap; Chalk. (13 7/8 x 10 in) (35 x 25 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: C 20] Enlarge

Bust portrait of Jeremy Belknap facing slightly left; he has a round face and thinning hair. He is wearing clerical robes and collar. Underneath the image reads: “Revd Jeremy Belknap.” Note: the image is drawn in red chalk.




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