Box 10









Box 10

Folder 1 Endicott, Francis (ca. 1832-). [Study of Fruit]; Watercolor. (8 7/8 x 7 5/8 in) (22 ½ x 19 ½ cm). 1858. [Old number: W 5] Enlarge

Still life of fruit study. Central in the image is a cantaloupe, a pear, a peach, purple and green grapes and a large leaf. The fruit is set on a brown surface; in the background to the right is a cloudy sky. The image is signed in the lower left, “FE.” Note: image is cut in the shape of an arch. On the reverse are watercolor marks, some pencil markings and the text: “Study of Fruit F Endicott 1858.” Note on file says image is from the Charles Henry Taylor Collection of American Lithography.

Folder 2 Knowlton, Helen (1832-1918). [Image of Salisbury Fields]; Watercolor. (6 1/8 x 8 in) (15 ½ x 20 ½ cm). 1860. [Old number: W 11] Enlarge

Landscape image of snow-covered fields in winter. In the foreground is a stone wall which diagonally cuts across the fields. To the right is a hill with evergreen trees. In the distance is a mountain; the field is sparsely filled with bare trees. Manuscript notation on reverse reads: “3 col” and “#3461.” Note on file says: “Salisbury Fields to the S.W. from Salisbury St. – Sketch by Helen Knowlton 1860 Newton Hill at Left – Tech Hill at Right.” From the Benjamin Thomas Hill Collection.

Folder 3 Richardson, George. View of East River or Sound. With a distant view of the Seat of Joshua Waddington Esq.; Watercolor. (7 ¾ x 10 3/8 in) (19 ½ x 26 ½ cm). 1824. [Old number: W 13] Enlarge

Landscape view of a sound taken from the opposite bank. In the foreground is a large tree with vines. Immediately to the right is a small boat with two men in hats fishing. In the background is land with a mansion, several smaller buildings and trees atop; the reflection of these items is visible in calm water. Image is signed in the lower right underneath the border, “Geo. Richardson Pinxt. 1824” The image is bordered in ink. Note: AAS has a copy of the engraving this watercolor is based on. Item is titled, “View of East-River or Sound, taken from Riker’s Island, with a distant view of the Seat of Joshua Waddington Esqr.” Engraved by Peter Maverick, Newark.  Call number: PRD Port Folio December 1810.

Folder 4 Woodward, Henry. Worcester, Mass. Oread Institute (Looking South); Watercolor. (6 7/8 x 9 7/8 in) (17 x 25 cm). 1859. [Old number: W 14] Enlarge

Landscape with Oread Institute buildings. Several towers visible with turrets. Buildings are on a hill in the distance set against a yellow sky; in the center is a field with numerous trees on a level field. In the foreground is a picket fence and several evergreen trees. The image is signed in the lower left: “H Woodward, 1859.” Note: the image is on oval shaped paper.

Folder 5 Richardson, George. Barley Wood Somersetshire England the Residence of Mrs Hannah More; Watercolor. (8 x 10 ¼ in) (20 x 26 cm). 1824. [Old number: W 15] Enlarge

Landscape image of a residence atop a hill. The home has a thatched roof with a center chimney; the home has vines growing and a large second story balcony wrapping around. There is a circular path surrounding the residence with a carriage leading away. In the foreground are sheep lying down in a field. In the background is a valley with a steepled church and other buildings; on the horizon are rolling hills. Image is signed in the lower left: “Geo. Richardson Pinxt 1824.” The image is bordered in ink. Note: For a copy of the engraving this watercolor is based, see inside front cover of The works of Hannah More. New York: 1835.G526 M835 W835a; also see AAS related engraving by Alonzo Hartwell, title page in The works of Hannah More. Boston: 1827.G526 M835 W827.

Folder 6 Hunt, W.T. [Landscape with residence]; Watercolor. (6 5/8 x 10 ¼ in) (17 x 26 cm). 1885. [Old number: W 16] Enlarge

Image of a single-story house; in the foreground is a field with trees. Behind the house are trees with foliage. The home has a gray exterior and center chimney; there is a fence to the left of the house. Image is signed in the lower right: “T.W. Hunt 85.”

Folder 7 Babcock, H.O. [Round globe featuring the western hemisphere]; Watercolor. (6 5/8 x 6 5/8  in) (17 x 17 cm). No date. Gift of R.T. Kirkpatrick from the estate of Marjorie Inman, November 9, 1981. [Old number: W 17] Enlarge

Image of a globe drawn in ink with latitudinal and longitudinal lines featuring the western hemisphere. North and Central American are painted pink; South America is painted green. Hawaii and the Pacific islands are visible to the west as well as what appears to be New Zealand. Note: image is cut on semicircular paper. Manuscript notation on reverse reads: “[Performed?] out of school H.O. Babcock.”

Folder 8 Unknown artist. [Portrait of John Hancock]; Watercolor. (4 x 4 ¾ in) (10 x 12 cm). No date. [Old number: W 24] Enlarge

Bust portrait of John Hancock turned to the right, facing forward. He has a white wig and large brown eyes; he is wearing a collared shirt and brown coat with decorate white buttons. The image looks as though it was outlined in a gold oval but was then cut down. Note: reverse has glued clipping reading, “JOHN HANCOCK” in Roman font. Image possibly copied after the Paul Revere “John Hancock” from the Royal American Magazine 1774 volume 1.

Folder 9 Unknown artist. [Flowers]; Watercolor. (9 3/8 x 7 7/8 in) (23 ½ x 20 cm). No date. [Old number: W 26] Enlarge

Unfinished watercolor image of a bouquet of daisies, bluebells, vines, pink blossoms, and leaves all intertwined. Note: the image appears to have been folded. Item removed from the Shaw-Webb Family Papers in the Manuscript department.

Folder 10 Unknown artist. [Garrick Head Oyster Saloon]; Watercolor. (10 1/8 x 7 ½ in) (25 ½ x 19 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: W 27] Enlarge

Possibly a design for a bill of fare for the Garrick Head Oyster Saloon. The image is bordered at the top with shells and grasses underneath is written “Garrick Head” followed by a space and then “Oyster Saloon.” The bottom it is outlined with sculpture pieces. The image is outlined in pink. Note: faint pencil outlines are visible in the center and around the word “Saloon” which feature ships and a marina scene.  

Folder 11 Unknown artist. [Portrait of Martha Jennisen Hill with Charles & Clara Jennisen?]; Watercolor. Image: (6 ¾ x 8 3/8 in) (17 x 21 cm). Cardstock: (8 x 9 7/8 in) (20 ½ x 25 cm). Late 19th century. Gift of Robert Bartlett, Worcester Mass. August 12, 1974. [Old number: W 39] Enlarge

Portrait possibly after a photograph showing a woman and two children; all three are sitting and are shown waist length. The woman is central in the image; to her left is a young boy wearing a long sleeve plaid shirt with a white collar. The child to the woman’s right is a girl in a pattered dress with white sleeves; her hair is pulled back. The woman is wearing a dark cap and dark dress with a white collar; she is also wearing a large brooch on her collar. Text on bottom reads: “Martha Jennisen Hill with Charles & Clara Jennisen (?) Ludlow, Vermont.” Note: the image is mounted on cardstock.

Folder 12 Shore, George (1817-1890?). [Image of Leopards]; Watercolor. (11 7/8 x 7 3/8 in) (30 x 18 ½ cm). No date. Gift of R.F. Kirkpatrick, 1987 from the estate of Marjorie Inman. [Old number: W 44] Enlarge

Two separate images of leopards. One to the top features a spotted leopard climbing a multi-limbed tree. The one underneath features a leopard standing in a field; behind him are trees. In both images the leopard has his mouth open. The image is signed in the lower right “George Shore East Sandwich Mass” Note: the image has been folded.

Folder 13 Vigaud, E. [Portrait of unidentified woman in a veil]; Watercolor. (8 x 6 ¾ in) (10 x 17 cm). No date. [Old number: W 46] Enlarge

Full portrait of a woman standing wearing a dark brown dress in a long light blue veil. She has chin length curled brown hair. A thin black chord is tied around her waist and she has long white sleeves attached to the dress; the woman is standing on a pink tiled floor. The image is signed: “E.Vigaud” in the lower right.

Folder 14 Treadwell, Lucy Elizabeth Rogers (1826-). [Image of Bluebell flowers]; Watercolor. (7 ¾ x 6 in) (19 ½ x 15 cm). 1845. [Old number: W 47] Enlarge

Watercolor image of a single strand of bluebell flowers with leaves. Image is labeled in the lower right “No.1” and signed on reverse “L.E.R.T.”

Folder 15 Treadwell, Lucy Elizabeth Rogers (1826-). [Image of Roses and Hyacinths]; Watercolor. (9 1/8 x 7 3/8 in) (23 x 18 ½ cm). 1845. [Old number: W 48] Enlarge

Image of flowers and a scroll. The flowers are a blend of pink roses, rose buds, leaves and blue hyacinths. The scroll reads in blue script: “A sweet red rose, on its bending thorn/ Its bud was nearly spreading,/ And the flowering effulgence of early morn/ Its beams on its breast was shedding.” Followed by: “A Hyacinth lifted its purple bell/ From the slender leaves around it;/ It curved its cup in a flowing swell,/ And a starry circle crowned it;/ The deep blue tincture that robed it seemed/ The gloomiest garb of sorrow,/ As if on its eye no brightness beamed,/ And it never in clearer moments dreamed,/ Of a fair, and calm, tomorrow.” The poems are from Sarah Josepha Hale’s Flora's interpreter and Fortuna flora. Image is labeled in the lower right “No.5” and signed on reverse “L.E.R.T.”

Folder 16 Treadwell, Lucy Elizabeth Rogers (1826-). Plums; Watercolor. (11 x 7 ¼ in) (28 x 18 ½ cm). 1845. [Old number: W 49] Enlarge

Detailed image of three plums growing on a stem. Several of the leaves have started to yellow and one has been eaten. Image is labeled underneath lightly in pencil “Plums.” Image is labeled in the lower right, “2d term.”

Folder 17 Storer, J. [Portrait of James Henry Lambert and a short biography of his life]; Watercolor. (12 ½ x 9 1/8 in) (31 ½ x 23 cm). 1838. [Old number: W 51] Enlarge

Image at head of page of a tall man walking with a cane and carrying a box. The man is older, has long sideburns and is wearing a green vest, scarf and jacket. Next to him, and looking up, is a short man wearing a top hat, yellow vest and pants and a blue overcoat. At the head is written: “James Henry Lambert” in script. Underneath the image is a handwritten biography of James Henry Lambert. Note on file indicates the unidentified man on his right is possibly J. Storor the author/artist.

Folder 18 Unknown artist. [Portrait of John Randolph]; Watercolor. (7 3/8 x 5 ¼ in) (19 x 13 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: W 52] Enlarge

Full caricature portrait of a man walking towards the right. The man has long hair in a ponytail, a large nose and thin legs. He is wearing a yellow cape and long coat, green gloves and an oversized hat. The image is bordered in brown ink and a blue wash. Manuscript on reverse reads, “Mass. Hist. Soc. Has a similar drawing (see their letter May 23, 1939).” Letter is located in Box 151 Mass. Historical Folder 28/28. Note: image is the same as the frontispiece to Bradford’s Damaged Souls call number: RC Brad D923. Also included in the folder is a portrait print of John Randolph which looks similar to the watercolor; the portrait is bordered.

Folder 19 Unknown artist. [Image of a black dog]; Watercolor. (7 7/8 x 12 ½ in) (20 x 32 cm). [1840-55?]. [Old number: W 61] Enlarge

Image of a black dog facing left. The dog’s tail and ears are up; he has a forked tongue as well as a red collar and a yellow eye. The dog’s reproductive organs are visible and detailed.




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