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ES Folders (Elephant Sized Folders)

ES Folder 1 Rice. [Portrait of Judge Francis H. Dewey]; Chalk over photographic print. (26 ½ x 21 ½ in) (67 ½ x 55 cm). No date. [Old number: C 9] Enlarge

Bust length portrait of a man facing right. He has white hair neatly combed back, a long chin beard, a large nose and wrinkles around his eyes. He is wearing a white collared shirt, black bow tie and black jacket. The image is signed in the lower right: “Rice.”

ES Folder 2 Rice. [Portrait of Harrison Bliss]; Chalk over photographic print. (26 ¼ x 21 in) (66 ½ x 53 ½ cm). No date. [Old number: C 8] Enlarge

Bust portrait of a man facing left. He has dark hair combed forward, a graying beard and moustache. There are wrinkles surrounding his eyes and cheeks; he is wearing a dark coat and vest and white collared shirt. Image is signed in the lower right, “Rice.”

ES Folder 3 Rogers, Frank. [Image of the B. & W. R.R. Locomotive the Lion]; Watercolor. (18 ½ x 32 in) (47 x 81 ½ cm). August 1871. [Old number: W 34] Enlarge

Profile image of a B[oston] and W[orcester] Railroad locomotive facing right. In the foreground is a brook, stone and grass; in the background are trees, fences and a house. The locomotive has red wheels, red headlamp and a red decorated cab. The smoke box is labeled, “Lion 1837. 13 Tons. By Burg. Brookline.”  The attached fuel car is also red and marked, “B. &. W. R.R.” Image is signed in the lower right, “Frank Rogers. Del August 1871.”

ES Folder 4 Wheelock, Merrill G. (1822-1866). [Landscape featuring a meeting house]; Watercolor. (16 ½ x 22 ½ in) (42 x 57 ½ cm). No date. Gift of Sarah B. Fay, Dec. 5, 1911. [Old number: W 57] Enlarge

Landscape featuring a central meeting house, possibly from Princeton, Massachusetts, with a steeple. Alongside the meetinghouse is a clearing and a path with several people. To the right is an additional structure with a chimney and several other homes behind it. In the background are mountains, possibly Wachusett Mountain. In the foreground is a wooden boxcar and other wooden equipment. Next to the meetinghouse is a white car on wheels with a screen window and a small staircase. There is a woman descending; the car could possibly belong to an itinerant vendor. Note on file says: “the picture of the Meeting-House at Princeton Mass was painted by Merrill G Wheelock, about 18_. Mr. Wheelock, the artist, died in Chelsea Nov 17, 1866, ae, 54. This picture hung in John Bryant’s house 61 Beacon Street Boston and descended to his granddaughter, Sarah B Fay 88 Mt Vernon St. Boston, who gave it to the American Antiquarian Society Dec. 5, 1911. Supposed to be of Princeton, Mass but said by F. Blake not to be of the Princeton Meetinghouse of which he has a good drawing, and which was destroyed about 1830.”

ES Folder 5 Unknown artist. [Image of St. Bonaventure Church, Fairmont, OH]; Watercolor. (25 3/8 x 20 ¼ in) (64 ½ x 51 ½ cm). ca. 1860. Gift of Jay T. Last, 2001. [Old number: W 33] Enlarge

Image featuring the exterior of a large brick church with a center tower. The exterior includes a stained glass window, a clock atop, a painting above the entrance and three stone staircases descending to a sidewalk. On the sidewalk and street are numerous people; one man is atop a horse, two people are riding in a horse-drawn carriage and there are several couples walking and a dog running. A small building, possibly a rectory, is to the right. Behind the church are lush green hills. Note: image is similar to a lithograph of the same name in AAS collections (drawing is noted on the bibliographic record). Call number: Lithff EhrgF Kunz StBo.

ES Folder 6 Garrett, Edmund H. (1853-1929). [Image of the Massachusetts State Seal]; Watercolor. (13 5/8 x 10 in) (34 ½ x 25 ½ cm). 1895. [Old number: PIW 11] Enlarge

Image of the state seal for Massachusetts. The seal features a shield with a Native American in the center; he is holding a large bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. A small star appears in the upper left hand corner. A banner which wraps around the base of the shield reads: “Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate Quietem.” Above the image is an arm bent holding a sword. Note: the image appears to have been folded. Also included in the folder is an additional copy of the Massachusetts state seal.




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