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Cross Family Archive Items - Photographs

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A box of photographs of various sizes including cabinet size, carte-de-visite, and standard sized. Many are portraits of members of the Cross family while others are group photographs. Numerous are annotated by what appears to be Edward Adrian Cross (1892-) son of Christine MacPherson and Joel Foster Cross.

Included photographs are Julian Richard Cross (1892-) Emma Augusta Cross (1850-1933), Christine MacPherson Cross (1868?-1897), Joel Foster Cross (1846-1925), Joseph Cross (1818-1896), Edward Adrian Cross (1892-), Robert Laurence Cross (1891-1891), Deborah Perry Wilder Cross (-) and Henry Walker Herrick (1824-1906), Jessie MacPhearson (-), Timothy N. Hunt (-), Elsie Wilder Hunt (-), Mrs. Fred Sanborn (-), Elizabeth Rampbell (-), R.P. McMory (-), Norton Hunt (-), Sarah Cross Young (1825-1906), Susan Foster Cross (1798-1878), Martha Jane Cross (1831-1881), George H. Cross (1835-1920), Hannah Cross (1816-1880), Augusta W. Cross (1820-1862), Clara Augusta Cross (1858-), Judson Wilder (-), Ira Cross (1833-1914), Levi Cross (1821-1902), Alinda Boyden Cross (1830-1897), Henry Wilder (-), Mrs. Henry Wilder (-), John Wilder (-), Mrs. John Wilder (-), Harriet Chamberlain Cross (-), Jane Jackson Cross (-) and one pencil over photograph of  Deborah Perry Wilder Cross (1784-1862).

Other photographs of interest are of the farmhouse, Shady Nook Farm in Manchester, NH, Castle Gate (done by W. H. Jackson & Co.), the Norton Hunt Farmhouse in Peterboro, NH, the interior of Henry Clay Cross’s studio [one similar to Box 20 Folder 1; the other one is an alternate view], a group photograph taken of the Cross and Holton families in 1902, a colonial style home in Peterboro, the McGaw Normal Institute in NH and a heavily annotated photograph featuring Joel Foster Cross outside a boarding house for the Shasta King Mine.


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