Hannah E. Stevenson to Lucy and Sarah Chase, 1860's [fragment]

. . . to the carrying on of the work. Under these circumstances, the Society will urge the Committees to devote all to the work of school-teaching.

But last evening a light dawned. By an official letter from Richmond I was informed that, the Friends, under the agency of Miss Smiley, have agreed to take the field occupied by the N. York Soc. on Chinsberry & Church Hill." Now it occurs to me that a position there might exactly suit you both, for the condition of the persecuted Freedmen in Richmond is extremely interesting, and your influence among them would be beautiful. You have so large connection among the Friends, that I suppose you have but to ask to receive, and however we might regret the necessity of thus parting with two teachers whose record is so full of grateful remembrance, & our warmest appreciation, yet if it should put such faithful workers into a position more congenial to their tastes & habits than we can offer, it would be selfish indeed for us to object to it.

There is nothing else, which, as the next year's work now opens before us, seems to me to so much that would be agreeable to your feelings.

Now this is only a suggestion for your consideration; it may be that it will not be at all acceptable to you. If so, speak to me in return with entire frankness; when I found that your desire was to one of those cities already pre-occupied, & where we shall not enter at all into such work as you had at Norfolk or Craney I. & for which the blessings of Heaven will follow you forever, then I turned with a sense of relief to this communication from Richmond; and hoped it would gratify you; & hasten to inform you of it immediately in case you should prefer to transfer your services to the Friends' Soc.

I know I need not tell you how much of a loss it would be to me personally to lose my genial & well-beloved co-workers; but I do wish you to have the best thing for you & for the Freedmen.

When you are ready to answer me, according to your own views, direct to 8 Studio; for "the harness" goes on again next Monday, having been only dangling for the past two months.

With friendliness--regard & most faithful attachment,--yours

Hannah E. Stevenson


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