Samuel Osgood to Lucy Chase about John (Andrew) Jackson, April 1, 1850

Springfield April 1, 1850

Miss Lucy Chase

A fugitive slave by the name of John Jackson left with me $58 which he desired me to transmit to Worcester to your father, whose name he said was Anthony to put the money in the bank, & he said he had caused a letter to be sent to you,

giving notice of the fact, & that your father was to transmit it to Mr. Martin Stowel of Leicester. He is so extremely ignorant that I scarcely know how to act in reference to his money. I saw the kind letter you wrote him, & have concluded to write to you, & request you to inform me whether it will be correct for me to send a check on the Springfield Bank payable either to your order or your father--for the money. I will wait until I hear from you, & then act accordingly. If I send the check as proposed, your order upon it, or your Fathers, will be my voucher that it has been paid. I hope the poor fellow will always find as kind friends as he has in you

Very respectfully yours

Saml Osgood


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