F. A. [Fanny] Hill to Lucy Chase, Worcester, Massachusetts, April 17, 1864

Worcester, Friday April 17

My dear Miss Chase,

We have just nailed up a barrel of articles for your white refugees. I am sorry we could not respond to your letter before but it takes a good many garments to fill up a barrel, and though we meet once a week, we find it takes time to get the requisite number. I saw Mrs. Theo. Brown this afternoon and she thought one barrel could go perfectly well with one for Sarah for the Contrabands and it would save our money for buying more materials. I was very glad to accept her offer, and she seemed to think there would be no difficulty about your claiming it for your white children.

As the understanding here is that we work for the white refugees of course I am anxious to have the contents of the barrel applied to that object. I wish I had a dozen to send for the benefit of all, black or white.

While I write the bells are ringing, the cannon thundering and peoples' faces looked very beaming as they read of Lee's utter ruin.

I thought the few school-books might be useful.

Yours, very truely,

F.A. Hill.


List of Articles

Chemises 47. & 1 second-hand
Drawers 14 & 1 " "
Aprons 4 & 3 " "
Dresses 5 & 7 " "
Flannel petticoats 12 & 2 " " white
Boys suits 14 & 1 " "
Skirts of dresses 5.
Shirts 3.

Sack dresses


new 109 Second-hand 15


shoes & rubbers 2 pr
  ______ Stocking 1 pr.
  111   18

128 articles.


[Note on reverse, probably in Lucy's handwriting:]

Fanny Hill Letter concerning garments for "Whites"
'WHITE W . . . Dixie."


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