Jane Briggs Smith to Friend Fuller Fiske, April 24, 1868

Sumter S. C.
April 24, 1868

Dear Fuller

How time flies! Almost a third of 1868 has already gone, and how soon we shall have to put a 9 in place of that 8. I am tired almost to death (allowable exaggeration) tonight because I have been a great long walk into the country to see some of my people. The children are all engaged about their May party. They had their first rehearsal this afternoon and really did very well. One part was a dialogue between a School Committee and a schoolmaster concerning a "stifficate" and was comical enough, only as it was the first appearance of the actors on any stage they had hard work to control their own risibles.

I have a number of young men sixteen or eighteen years old attending my school. They are extremely chivalrous toward me, and anxious to do everything that will please me . As soon as this May day affair is over, I am going to form them ito a society for mutual improvement, to meet once a fortnight for debate, declamation &c. I think they will find it so interesting that they will not willingly give it up.

But directly after the picnic I am to go home with Mr. Whittemore and stay a week. I look forward to it with unmixed delight. I have had so little recreation since I have been in the South that I am all covered with blue mould. A vacation does not relieve me any if I stay here, for "here is no rest," but if I can only get away entirely out of the reach of duty, it will be such a pleasure and it is so kind of Mr. W. to propose it. By the way he is thinking of moving his family to Sumter. Will that not be pleasant--to have some white friends at hand.

I am so tired tonight that I hope you will pardon a little blank paper--I should think you would be glad to . . .

Truly yours

Jane B. Smith


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