Jane Briggs Smith to Friend Fuller Fiske, January 10, 1868

Sumter, S. C.
Jan. 10, 1868

Dear Fuller,

Now for a very short chat with you. Have just got home from my Sunday School of a hundred and fifty, and weekly increasing in numbers and interest. I am trying to get them so that they can go alone, and need not depend upon me quite so closely. It requires a good deal of management and tact to do it without offending any one, these people being very jealous of any preferment. I must have very good reasons for selecting one rather than another for superintendent, or I shall give all the rest of the teachers mortal offence, and the poor superintendent will be left to act in every other capacity as well as his legitimate one. So I have thus far acted alone, and it is pretty hard work, as I have to teach two or three classes besides. I do not mind the labor if I can only bring the school into that condition that it need not expire the day I leave Sumter for the last time.

I think your School Convention must have been a pleasant affair. Was it an original idea of your own? I hope other towns will follow so good an example.

I look with much interest for the arrival of your neighbor--it will seem so nice to see any one directly front the North.

Your friend

Jane B. Smith.


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