Thomas Fry, Student in a Freedmen's School, to Freedmen's Teacher Lucy or Sarah Chase, 1870


Gordonsville va 30 1870

Dear Miss Chase I write you A few lines to let you no that We All are well and I hope when these few lines reach you I hope they will find you thay same All thay children sends Thair love to you Emer[?] sends her love to her receive you letters and I was very glad to hear from you Miss [illegible word] Allso send their love to you Allso Maria ses that Seh would like to hear from you. I now studding in the freadman Book Emer are coming to School now Luchius [illegible word] Sends his his love to you Edmen rese[?] sends his love to you Delfy Merfy sends her love to you

Thomas Fry


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