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Woman's Work is Never Done

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"The Flower-Woman," from City Sights, for Little Folks, 1846.


Domestic Work

Frontispiece from Esther Howland's, The American Economical Housekeeper, Cincinnati: H.W. Derby & Co., 1845.

"Churning," from A Peep into the Sports of Youth, and the Occupations and Amusements of Age. Philadelphia: Johnson & Warner, 1809.

"The Washing Day, A Ballad for Wet Weather," Sheet Music Collection.

"Feeding the Pigs," lithograph by John Bufford.

Smith Brothers Chemically Pure Borax, trade card.

North American Electric Washing Fluid, trade card, Boston, 1851.

"Old Woman Making Thread," lithograph by L. H. Bradford, ca. 1856.


Women as Merchants

"Walsh Millinery," trade card.

"Boarding. Mrs. Ely," trade card.

"Jane Eustis," trade card.

"To Be Sold By Lydia Learned," trade card.

"Family Newspaper," Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Feb. 2, 1861.

"Hannah Davis," trade card.

"Scenes in the Country," Common Sights in Town and Country, Philadelphia: American Sunday School Union, 1854.


For the Cause: Women and War

"Shoot if you must," frontispiece from Women's Work in the Civil War, Philadelphia: Zeigler, McCurdy & Co., 1867.

"The Sentiments of an American Woman," Philadelphia: John Dunlap, 1780.

"New England Women's League, for Diminishing the Use of Luxuries During the War." Boston: 1864.

"Leaving the Hospital Tents for the Battle Field," from Frank Moore's Women of the War: their Heroism and Self-Sacrifice, Hartford: S.S. Scranton & Co. 1866.

"The Letter for Home," Winslow Homer, del., Louis Prang & Co. lith.

"Mrs. F. L. Clatin," Appearance Announcement, Feb. 1865.

"Kady Brownell in Army Costume," from Frank Moore's Women of the War; their Heroism and Self-Sacrifice, Hartford: S.S. Scranton & Co. 1866.


Teaching and Education

"Mrs. and the Misses Adams," trade card, 1811.

"Young Ladies' School," trade card, 1836.

"View of the Oread Institute," from Gleason's Pictorial, March 19, 1853.

"Picture of the first Infant Sabbath School," trade card, 1829.

Factory Workers

"Merrimack Manufacturing Co., Lowell, Mass.," trade card.

"Merrimack Mills and Boarding Houses," from The New England Offering, April 1848.

"Cocheco," (Dover, NH) trade card.

"Foudrinier," from Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, June 9, 1855.

"Canning-Room," from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Sept.1870, pg. 513.

The Factory Girl's Garland, Feb. 20, 1845, Exeter, NH.

Performers and Artists

"The Map-Colorer," from Yankee Doodle, Dec. 19, 1846, pg. 124.

"St. John's P. E. Church, Mt. Morris," Francis Palmer, del., Sarony & Co. lith.

"Scene in Vermont," Catherine Scollay, del., Pendelton lith.

"Making Valentines," from Harper's Weekly, Feb. 13, 1858.

"Valentines--Valentines," from the Worcester Daily Spy, Feb. 5, 1850.

"Oread School, ca. 1870's photograph by Augustine Folsom, Worcester Views Collection.

"Snake Charmer," carte de visite.

"Mrs. Tom Thumb," carte de visite.

"Positively the Last Night of Mr. Vilalliave's Company," 1818 broadside.


Miscellaneous Occupations

"The Post-Mistress," from Godey's Lady's Book, Feb. 1850.

"Flower Woman," from City Sights, for Little Folks," Philadelphia: Loomis & Peck, 1846.

"Fruit Girls," from City Sights, for Little Folks," Philadelphia: Loomis & Peck, 1846.

"The Washington Reporter." Otto Krebs, lith. Pittsburgh.

"View of one Section of Dickinson's Printing Office," trade card.

"Sojourner Truth," carte de visite, ca. 1864.

"Writing for 'Our Young Folks' An Original Portrait of Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe At Home," engraving.

"Women and their Work in the Metropolis," from Harper's Bazar, Apr. 18, 1868.


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