Chicken Little - Marcus McCorison’s 1970 acquisition of The Remarkable Story of Chicken Little (Roxbury, Massachusetts: John G. Chandler, 1840) is itself a remarkable story of relationships cultivated through the Society and a contribution to the scholarship of children’s literature [cover, interior page].  This copy of Chicken Little was found by Benjamin Tighe, who for more than fifty years, accumulated and sold to the Society quantities of first rate-material, including children’s literature.  Chandler—the printer came to the Society’s attention in 1939, when his descendant Herbert Hosmer visited the Society to do genealogical research in preparation for a facsimile edition of Chicken Little (1941).

Persuaded of the importance of Chandler and this title, Brigham was able to acquire the Society’s first Chicken Little in 1947 and remained in touch with Hosmer, the proprietor and producer of Toy Cupboard Theatre, who was submerged in a world of family lore and children’s books and toys. After Hosmer discovered a collection of McLoughlin artwork from the publisher’s archives and picture books in the possession of Ruth Miller, they made an arrangement for him to begin purchasing it. McCorison’s acquisition of the third-known copy of the true first edition of Chicken Little in 1970 was of great interest to Hosmer and other collectors of children’s literature, and eventually led to the Society’s acquisition of the McLoughlin collection, recorded as the gift of Herbert Hosmer and Ruth Miller. Chicken Little was sprinted on a press set up at the 1840 fair organized to raise money for the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument (the price on the wrapper, 12½ cents, was not the price quoted to the Society). [record]

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