New Journal of a Voyage Round the World - In June 1961, within McCorison’s first year as librarian, the New York bookseller Richard Wormser offered the Society a copy of Captain James Cook’s A New Journal of a Voyage Round the World (1771). This brief, anonymous account, issued surreptitiously in London, was the first publication that alerted the world to Cook’s first great achievement. John Hawkesworth did not publish the authorized journals of the expedition until 1774. The anonymous author was later identified as James Mario Matra or Magda, an American midshipman, and the account was reprinted in Philadelphia in 1774, with the engraved frontispiece, “A New England Warriour in his proper Dress and Completely Armed.” Exhibited in A Society’s Chief Joys.  A New Journal of a Voyage round the world. Performed in His Majestry’s Ship Endeavour in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, and 1771, by Captain James Cook (London; repr. Philadelphia: James Humphreys, junr. For Douglas M’Dougall, book-binder, 1774). [record]

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