Librarian's Office, 1910 - The librarian’s office was at the front of Antiquarian Hall on the second floor. This is one of “the two excellent photographs of the office taken by E. B. Luce, at the time of leaving the library in 1910,” described by Mary Reynolds. They “show the appearance of the room, which had changed little in the previous thirty years.” Librarian Edmund M. Barton used the roll-top desk at center, at which his successor, Clarence S. Brigham, was photographed. At left is the Hancock tall clock. The semicircular sideboard, roll-top desk, desk, chest of drawers around the room, and gate-leg table were all purchased by Librarian Samuel Foster Haven. In addition to the portraits of John Davis (over the desk), Stephen Salisbury III (right of the door), and Samuel F. Haven (at right), those of Isaiah Thomas, Thomas L. Winthrop, and Stephen Salisbury II were hung in this room. The chandeliers were installed in 1885. At center is a glimpse into the Mather Room, where the collection was stored, with some volumes shelved in the Governor Belcher secretary. E. B. Luce photograph, 1910.

The Amerian Antiquarian Society, 1812-2012 - A View at the Bicentennial
A Private Library for the Public Good - Edmund Mills Barton, 1883-1908