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Figure 1.1 The spirit of - 76. [graphic] / Painted by T.H. Matteson, Esqr. Engraved on steel by H.S. Sadd. Call number: Engrff Matt Sadd Spir.


Figure 1.2 South Side, Main Hall, Second Building of the American Antiquarian Society, 1854–1910. AAS Views Boxes.


Figure 1.3-4 "Covers" "Interior Pages" The History and Adventures of Little Eliza. 1811. Philadelphia. CL-Pam H673 E438 1811.

Isaiah Thomas, Reader

Figure 1.5 Greenwood portrait of Isaiah Thomas. Scan number:
Figure 1.6 Isaiah Thomas Bookplate. AAS bookplate collection. “T”



Part 1: Three Centuries of Reading Places


The Colonial Home

Figure 2.1 Holmes House.
Figure 2.2 Woodcut. “The Careful mother instructing her children” 1764.  from “A careful mother instructing her children” in The History of the Holy Jesus 10th edition p 3.
Figure 2.3 “Title page of Bible” Holy Bible 1782. Reserve 1782.
Figure 2.4 “Archival Photograph” of The vvhole Booke of Psalmes, 1640.
Figure 2.5 “Franklin Home” Milk Street, Boston. from the Autobiography Birthplace of Franklin, Milk Street, Boston, 1916.
Figure 2.6 Catalogue of Books bought by Dr. Cotton Mather of Harvard College.
Figure 2.7 “Title page and frontispiece” and “inscription” The Ladies Library … Written by a lady. 1732. G526 L155 L732.
Figure 2.8 “A Catalogue of Books, Lately imported from Britain” 1765. BDSDS. 1765.


Revolutionary Taverns

Figure 3.1 Verses for the Year, 1790. BDSDS. 1789.
Figure 3.2 1790 Mailbag – archival photo.
Figure 3.3 Prince Stetson & Co - Ephemera TradeF 0101.
Figure 3.4 Wm. B. Bradford, Jr., Wholesale and Retail Grocer, 1816. Eph Bill 0078
Figure 3.5 Glorious news. Boston, Friday 11 o’clock, 16th May 1766. BDSDS. 1766.
Figure 3.6 The American jest book. Dated Book b-w. Note: bound with the Merry fellow’s companion; or American jest book, Harrisburgh. Frontispiece.
Figure 3.7 Green Dragon Tavern Drawings Collection Box 14 Folder 5.
Figure 3.8 An Attempt to land a Bishop in America.
Figure 3.9 Tea thrown into the Boston Harbor. 
Figure 3.10 Revere’s Bloody Massacre.
Figure 3.11 The King’s Speech. BDSDS. 1775.
Figure 3.12 Bloody butchery, by the British Troops BDSDS 1775.
Figure 3.13 Title Page. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Dated Books.
Figure 3.14 Title Page. James Chalmers’s Plain Truth. Dated Pams.
Figure 3.15 In Congress, July 4, 1776. A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, 1776.
Figure 3.16 O. Cromwells Head Tavern kept by Joshua Brackett School Street Boston. Ephemera Bill 0077.
Figure 3.17 The Yankey’s return from camp. BDSDS. 1788.
Figure 3.18 Join or Die cut on masthead.

Personal Libraries of Early Presidents


Figure 4.1 Washington Bookplate. Early American Bookplates Collection.
Figure 4.2 George Washington. Lithograph. Lithf Pend Stua Wash.
Figure 4.3 Mount Vernon. 1848–1851. Lithf Goup Koll ResiW.
Figure 4.4 Cato: A Tragedy, 1787. Joseph Addison. Dated Pams.
Figure 4.5 The History of Spain, 1793.


Figure 4.6 Adams signature.  Source: A Collection of State Papers, 1782.
Figure 4.7 John Adams, second president of the United States.
Figure 4.8 Library Catalogue, 1755. books belonging to Ebenezer Thayer.
Figure 4.9 “Cover” A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America, 1788. Call number: Adams, John. Dated Books
Figure 4.10 “Title page” A Collection of state-papers, : relative to the first acknowledgment of the sovereignty. Call number: Reserve 1782.


Figure 4.11 Jefferson signature. Communication from the president, October 24, 1814.
Figure 4.12 Thomas Jefferson. Lithf Pend Stua Jeff Copy 2.
Figure 4.13 “Cover” and “Interior” Communication from the president, October 24, 1814.
Figure 4.14 Jefferson’s ivory notebook. credit information is: Monticello/photography by Edward Owen.

North/South/East/West: Newspapers, Periodicals, and the Popular Press

Figure 5.1 Franklin House, Bd’wy, 1835–1839.
Figure 5.2 Le Courrier de la Louisiane (1807–1859), French/English, January 18, 1832, Indiana Palladium (1825–1836), Saturday, February 23, 1833, Daily Placer Times and Transcript (1851–1854), Thursday, March 16, 1854.
Figure 5.3 Trade Card. The Daily Pioneer Press, Trade Card. The Courier Journal, Trade Card. The Daily Picayune.
Figure 5.4 Portrait of the Husband, undated.
Figure 5.5 Horace Greeley and family. Lithff Knir Hora.
Figure 5.6 The Newsboy, In Town and About, 1843.
Figure 5.7 “Out. Damned Spot.  Out, I say!”  Harper’s Weekly, November 9, 1872.
Figure 5.8
The Rake. Racy Newspaper Collection, The Scorpion. Racy Newspaper Collection, The New York Sporting Whip, Vulcan! Mars!! BDSDS. 1838 backlog 010.
Figure 5.9 “Masthead” and “detail” Boston Notion.
Figure 5.10 The Hangman, January 22, 1845, Comic Monthly, September 1861.
Figure 5.11 E. McWhood’s Book-binding Establishment, 1854.
Figure 5.12 155, Broadway, December 15th,, 1848. Ephemera Trade 0563.
Figure 5.13 Godey’s Lady’s Book, Cover, July 1850, Godey’s Lady’s Book, “The Flower Girl” July 1850.
Figure 5.14 United States Catholic Miscellany, July 22, 1826, The Youth’s Companion, September 1, 1832, The Southern Agriculturalists, 1828, The Lowell Offering, April 1841.
Figure 5.15 The Liberty Tree, January 1, 1844.
Figure 5.16 Little Eva song. : Uncle Tom’s. BDSDS txtl. 1852, Scenes from Uncle Tom’s cabin. No. 2. Lithf StroT Scen.
Figure 5.17
[Woman Reading], 1831–1833. Graphic Arts Endicott Portfolio.
Figure 5.18 Freedom’s Journal, March 30, 1827.
Figure 5.19 Fourth of July Celebration.
Figure 5.20 The Fruits of Amalgamation. Lithograph, 1839. Polit. Cart. F944.
Figure 5.21 “The Street Car Question Again,” Harper’s Weekly.
Figure 5.22 “A Patient Railroad Traveler,” Harper’s Weekly, March 14, 1847.

Reading at the Front: The Civil War

Figure 6.1 The Soldiers Home, the Vision, 1862.
Figure 6.2 Camp scene from photograph. 19. Ephemera CWEnv 0066.
Figure 6.3 Gunnery Instructions, 1863.
Figure 6.4 Naval Howitzer, 1863.
Figure 6.5 Distinguished militia genl. during an action. Polit. Cart. D612 Copy 1.
Figure 6.6 Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, 1861–1865. Lithf Boel Unio.
Figure 6.7 Libby Prison, 1863.
Figure 6.8 Floyd, the abstractionist. Ephemera CWEnv 0494.
Figure 6.9 Jeff’s a negro-man,- CWEnv 1001.
Figure 6.10 One of the C.S.A. Ephemera CWEnv 0407.
Figure 6.11 Russell taking a lunch. Russell soliliquising.-- Ephemera CWEnv 0430.
Figure 6.12 News from home. [graphic]. Lithf Fall DuboA News.
Figure 6.13 “Plan of the Battle of Five Oaks,” New York Times, Friday, June 13, 1862.
Figure 6.14 “The Press on the Field,” Harper’s Weekly, April 30, 1864.

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