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Portraits! Worcester Portraits
in the American Antiquarian Society Collections

The American Antiquarian Society owns portraits of the thirty-one Worcester residents listed below. Several individuals, such as Isaiah Thomas, Mary Stiles Newcomb and Lydia Stiles Foster, are represented by more than one portrait.

Baldwin, Christopher Columbus
Bancroft, Aaron
Bangs, Edward Dillingham
Bigelow, Abijah
Brigham, Clarence S.
Burnside, Sophia Dwight Foster
Chandler, John
Chapin, Benjamin
Clarke, Rebecca Faulkner Foster
Davis, John
Foster, Rebecca Faulkner
Goddard, Eleanor and Marion
Goddard, Harry and Grace
Goddard Women
Haven, Samuel Foster
Lincoln, Waldo
Maccarty, Thaddeus

McCorison, Marcus
Newcomb, Henry and Mary
Nichols, Charles
Paine, William
Porter, James
Rugg, Arthur Prentice
Salisbury, Stephen II
Salisbury, Stephen III
Stiles and Foster Miniatures
Stiles, John and Mary
Thomas, Isaiah by Greenwood
Thomas, Isaiah Miniatures
Thomas, Isaiah Sculptures
Thomas, Isaiah and Mary Pastels
Thomas, Jr., Isaiah
Wheeler, Henry
Willard, Calvin


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