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Isaiah Thomas Miniatures


Isaiah Thomas Miniatures




ISAIAH THOMAS (1749-1831), 1805
William M. S. Doyle (1769-1828)
watercolor on ivory
2 3/4 x 2 13/16 (6.9850 x 7.1437)
partial signature at l.l.: '...yle/..5'
Gift of Isaac Rand Thomas, 1947
Weis #123
Hewes #127

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ISAIAH THOMAS (1749-1831), c. 1840
after William M. S. Doyle (1769-1828)
watercolor on ivory
2 1/2 x 2 (7.7788 x 5.0800)
partial inscription l. l.: '...MONT'
Gift of Margaret D. Sloane, 1945
Weis #120
Hewes #128

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Isaiah Thomas Miniatures


This miniature (#127) of Isaiah Thomas may be the portrait for which he recorded sitting on November 25 and 27, 1805.(4) A receipt for a deposit paid to the Boston miniaturist William M. S. Doyle is preserved in Thomas's business papers and states: 'Boston, Nov. 10, 1805/Rec'd of Isaiah Thomas, the sum of Twenty-five Dollars in part payment for miniatures amounting to Fifty Dollars, Wm. M. S. Doyle.'(5) An 1805 advertisement placed by the artist in the New England Palladium stated that he charged between twelve and twenty dollars for painted miniatures, so a fee of fifty dollars charged to Thomas indicates that multiple images were produced.(6) It is unclear from the receipt if Doyle painted other members of the Thomas family at this time, or if he painted several versions of Thomas's own portrait.

Doyle began working as a miniature painter and silhouette cutter in Boston around 1803. He set up his studio in the Columbian Museum, operated by Daniel Bowen (c. 1760-1856). In 1806 Doyle joined Bowen as a proprietor of the museum, which included paintings of prominent Americans, wax sculptures, and natural history specimens.(7) While operating the museum, Doyle continued to produce dozens of pastel portraits, silhouettes, and watercolor miniatures of Boston area residents.(8) This portrait of Isaiah Thomas is one of his earlier attempts.

The American Antiquarian Society also owns a nineteenth-century copy of this miniature. Its earliest ownership is unknown, but as Thomas's granddaughters Clara Elizabeth and Mary Thomas Randall once owned the miniature, a family member may have commissioned the copy after Thomas's death. The signature, partially obscured by the domed case in which the miniature is mounted, suggests the likeness may have been made by the Scottish artist Daniel Lamont (fl. 1837-50), an itinerant miniature painter working in New England in the late 1830s.(9) In the 1840s he exhibited two miniatures at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art in Philadelphia and, after 1846, he lived in New York City.(10)


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10)   George C. Groce & David H. Wallace, The New-York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1957), 382.


Isaiah Thomas Isaiah Thomas

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