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The Details:

Letter, Charles Evans to Clarence S. Brigham, October 4, 1912. AAS Archives. [catalog record]

Mason Locke Weems. The Life and Memorable Actions of George Washington. Frederick-Town, Maryland: Matthias Bartgis, 1801. Dated Pams. [catalog record]

The Story:

This edition of Weems’s popular essay on the life of George Washington is an example of a book noted by Evans while working on his bibliography. Using 3 x 5-inch cards cut in half, Evans transcribed the title, imprint, pagination, and format of each work. These he sorted, edited, and stored in repurposed corset boxes prior to their publication. No one was more committed to Evans’ projectthan AAS librarian Clarence S. Brigham who answered detailed inquiries, raised funds, and checked citations. In 1912, as shown by this letter, a grateful Evans presented AAS with a specially bound, interleaved set of the first six volumes of American Bibliography, to which he added later volumes as published.

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