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The Details:

Isaac Watts. Divine Songs, Attempted in Easy Language. Boston: N. Coverly, 1775. [record]

Isaac Watts. Watts Divine Songs for the Use of Children. Philadelphia: J. Johnson, 1807. [record]

Isaac Watts. Divine Songs, Attempted in Easy Language. Boston: Armstrong, 1819. [record]

Isaac Watts. Watts’ Divine and Moral Songs. New York: Mahlon Day, 1829. [record]

All the bequest of Wilbur Macey Stone, 1942.

The Story:

Divine Songs by Protestant minister Isaac Watts was first published in London in 1715 and was quickly pirated by printers in the colonies. This collection of simply worded poems, some of which use aspects of everyday life, encourages children to contemplate divine immortality. In 1918, Wilbur Macey Stone published a comprehensive bibliography of the English and American editions of Watts’s masterwork. Stone’s personal collection of Divine Songs editions came to AAS as part of an 800 item bequest. These four examples include copies with relief illustrations and one rare intaglio printed volume.

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