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The Details:

The Courtship, Marriage, and Pic-nic Dinner of Cock Robin & Jenny Wren, with the Death and Burial of poor Cock Robin. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: G.S. Peters, 1837. [catalog record]

The Affecting History of the Children in the Wood. Newport, Rhode Island: H. & O. Farnsworth, 1799. [catalog record]

Both gift of the family of d’Alté A. Welch, ca. 1971.

The Story:

These two titles were owned by d’Alte A. Welch who was comprehensive in his collecting: he sought with equal fervor both the fine metal-engraved picture book and the moral tract. The sad tale of The Children in the Wood was popular in America and was widely reprinted, including this rare Newport edition. The Cock Robin is a beautiful example of one of the earliest color printed children’s books in the United States.

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