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About the Site

Curated by Laura Groves Napolitano, Summer 2008

The following individuals assisted in the preparation of this exhibition:

Georgia Barnhill, Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Graphic Arts
Lauren Hewes, Assistant Curator of Graphic Arts
Jaclyn Penny, Graphic Arts Assistant and Site Designer
Constance Day, Copyeditor
Caroline W. Stoffel, Online Services Librarian

Site Index


>>The Ploughboy
>>Preparing for Market
>>Pumpkin Time
>>Self-Rake Reaper
>>"Vibrator" Thresher
>>Threshing by Steam

  >Seed Catalogues
>>B.K. Bliss & Sons’
>>James J. H. Gregory
>>Curtis & Cobb’s
>>H. J. Heinz
>>Walter Baker & Co.
>>Swift & Co.
>>Nelson Morris & Co.
  >Trade Cards
>>Die-cut Cards
>>Before & After
>>Trade Cards - Children Sell
>>Trade Cards - Series to Collect

>>A. M. C.

  >Food Labels
>>King and Hamblen

Licensing Images

Questions or comments on the content of this site may be sent to reproductions[at]mwa.org.

The American Antiquarian Society maintains an extensive collection of visual culture material. In order to encourage fair use, we ask that individuals who want to reproduce images found in this online exhibition, or any other page on the AAS website, contact the Rights and Reproductions Department to discuss the licensing procedure, agreement, and applicable fees.

Contact us at:
Rights and Reproductions
American Antiquarian Society
185 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609
(508) 471-2126
Email: reproductions [at] mwa.org



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