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In addition to flaunting the size of factories, trade cards allowed companies to recount the accolades they received at both national and international trade fairs, assuring customers of the quality of their products.

Duryeas’ Glen Cove Manufacturing Company took advantage of this tactic by dedicating two of the panels on the colored side of their folded Improved Corn Starch/Satin Gloss Starch trade card to the reproduction of the numerous prizes they had won.

This trade card features four panels.
Duryeas’ Glen Cove Manufacturing Co. (Glen Cove, NY), Improved Corn Starch, after 1878.
Chromolithographed trade card, Printed by Crump Label Co., New York. (13 x 5 in).

One panel shows the front and back of the gold medal for which they beat out twenty-three other competitors at the 1878 Paris Exposition.

The other illustration depicts an impressive montage of gold and silver medals from all over Europe and the United States in order to prove that their corn starch was “the best product of its kind.”




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