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When searching the online catalog of visual material for architecture lithographs, try keywords:

  • “Homes haunts”
  • “Exterior views”
  • “Dwellings”
  • “Buildings structures”
  • Search by state, city or town
  • To limit your searches, include "OR" and "NOT"
  • Try both Basic Search and a Builder Search

Searching by lithographer will yield results. Feel free to try the following in the Basic Search page:

  1. Search “Hayward, George” and select author
  2. "Quick Limit" the search to “Graphic Arts”
  3. Hit “Search”
  4. You are directed to the records of 29 lithographs in the AAS
  5. To view all catalog records for this particular search, please click here

Or, under the Builder Search option, you may do a:

    1. Type "Worcester" and select "Keyword Anywhere"
    2. Select the "AND" option,
    3. Type "exterior views" AND "lithographs,"
    4. Choose "Genre/Form Keyword."
    5. The following 11 items will display.

Though you cannot view the lithographs online at this time, interested readers may visit the Society or inquire about photocopies.

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