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Sturgis and Brigham's design for their most famous work, the Church of the Advent in Boston, who also designed the First Museum of Fine Arts building.
(American Architect and Building News. Boston, May 27, 1876).

Collections at the American Antiquarian Society also include a small but choice selection of periodicals on architecture, mainly from the middle-to-late nineteenth century.

Representation consists of essays, articles and prospective and competition designs for some of the most important buildings in America.

Also included in the collection are periodicals such as American Architect and Building News (1876-1908), which showcased the works of Boston greats such as Sturgis and Brigham (1866-1888), as well as the New York Sketch Book of Architecture (1874-76), which included reproductions of original sketches from famous architects such as Charles McKim and William Mead, among many others.


Other periodicals include the American Builder (1874-79), as well as issues from Samuel Sloan's periodical, Sloan's Architectural Review and Building Journal (1868), of which he was the founder and editor. AAS also subscribes to the Journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians (1940- ), which provides contemporary scholarship on American architecture, in addition to the newsletter of the Vernacular Architecture Forum (1979- ).

An early engraving of one of the college buildings located at Columbia College in New York City.
(New York Magazine, Periodical collection, May 1790).

School House Design by Charles McKim, who apprenticed for Russell Sturgis and founded the company of McKim, Mead and White, one of the most known firms of the late nineteenth century.
(New York Sketch Book of Architecture . Boston, March 1874).

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