From English to Algonquian: Early New England Translations

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John Eliot

As both a translator and an author, John Eliot played a role in the production of nearly all texts relating to colonist and native interactions in seventeenth-century New England.... [read more]

Samuel Green

Samuel Green and his family had ventured from England to Cambridge, New England, by 1634.... [read more]

Marmaduke Johnson

In June 1660, Johnson arrived in Boston aboard the Prudent Mary and headed to Cambridge to begin working with Samuel Green.... [read more]

Thomas & Experience Mayhew

The Mayhew family is largely responsible for the colonization and Christianization of the island of Martha’s Vineyard.... [read more]

Grindal Rawson

Grindal Rawson was a classmate of Cotton Mather’s at Harvard College, where they both graduated in 1678. Rawson became reverend of the church at Mendon, Massachusetts... [read more]

Roger Williams

Ordained as a minister in the Church of England in 1629, Roger Williams made his way from England to Plymouth a year later.... [read more]