From English to Algonquian: Early New England Translations

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Many native captives of the Pequot War were brought to Boston to be sold into slavery. One of these native captives was a young Montauk man from Long Island named Cockenoe... [read more]


The first native person to convert to Christianity in New England was Hiacoomes, a Wampanoag from the island of Martha’s Vineyard... [read more]

Job Nesuton

Job Nesuton was a Massachuset Indian who likely first met John Eliot in 1646, when Eliot began preaching to the Indians at Nonantum (in present-day Newton, Massachusetts)... [read more]

James Printer (Wowaus)

Nipmuc Indian Wowaus was likely born at Hassanamesit in present-day Grafton, Massachusetts... [read more]

John Sassamon

During the Pequot War, John Sassamon, a Massachuset Indian, served as an interpreter for the English... [read more]