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Eliot Tracts

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Eliot Tracts




This volume, with spine title Indian History Tracts, holds a collection of ten tracts published in England between 1643 and 1655. Collectively, these are known as the Eliot Tracts, though John Eliot did not author all of them. Other authors include Thomas Mayhew, Thomas Shepard, and Henry Whitfield. The tracts detail the missionary work being performed by colonists in New England.

Not only do these tracts detail the “progress of the gospel among the Indians,” but they also provide detailed information about Native American customs, traditions, and social practices. The tracts were published for the benefit of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England as a way for colonists to raise money to support further missionary work.

The AAS bound volume of these collected tracts includes a clasped binding and the words “Indian History” written in black ink on the fore edge.

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