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Archive Preparation
Preparing archive materials involves the organizing and filing of correspondence and other materials for inclusion in the AAS archives. Supervised by the Manuscripts or Administrative Department.

Organizing/Preserving Collections
This very important work entails the categorization of materials within a small collection and in some cases selecting and placing collection items in special housing to enhance preservation. The curators of the Manuscripts, Newspaper or Graphic Arts Departments select collection materials based on, the overall goal of improving access to our collections, the need for preservation and the interests of volunteers.

Developing Collection Descriptions
These more advanced projects require some computer skills and focus on producing a finding aid to guide researchers to the contents of an uncatalogued collection. Some research to identify collection items may be required. The curators of the Manuscripts, Newspaper or Graphic Arts Departments select collections based on the research value of the collection, potlntial for subsequent cataloging and the interests of volunteers.

Inventory Special Collections
Inventorying of special collections features more time intensive projects which develop lists of each item in a special collection noting unique features of particular items. Inventory work may be done in conjunction with developing a collection description or as part of efforts to organize and enhance the preservation of a collection.
Normally supervised by the Graphic Arts, Newspaper, Manuscripts and Readers Services Departments.

Shelving of Collection Materials
Shelving of collection materials involves the proper return of collection materials that have been used by researchers in the Reading Room. This is an ongoing project where library staff and volunteers work in conjunction. Requires successful completion of formal training by the Readers Services Department.



Prepare Press Packets
Proofread PR and other Materials
Prepare Mailings
Isaiah Thomas Project
Conduct Weekly Tours
Conduct Special Tours



Office Assistance
Office assistance entails light office work (filing, data entry, some typing) in conjunction with the administrative support staff. Supervised by the Administration Department.

Maintaining the Grounds
Maintaining the grounds involves light duties such as weeding and planting of flowers, shrubs and trees, or general lawn work. Must be 18 years of age to operate equipment. Supervised by the Buildings and Grounds Department.

Preparing Special Events
Preparing special events deals with support of the planning and conducting the various special events of the Society such as its annual meeting and fundraising events. Supervised by the Administrative or Development Department.

Data Entry and General Computer Work
Data entry and general computer work entails support of maintaining the Societys mailing lists, databases and other record keeping. Computer skills such as MS Word or Excel or Access are required.

Scanning/Digitizing Materials
Scanning/digitizing materials involves special projects to record digital images of collection materials and may include responsibility for organizing, transferring or describing the digital images. May require formal training under the supervision of the Information Technology or a Curatorial Department.


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Contact Information

Edward J. Harris, Jr., Vice-President for Administration
American Antiquarian Society
185 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Telephone: (508) 471-2162
Fax: (508) 753-3311


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