From Here to There

Love--or, at least, the love of ephemera--is eternal.

Golden Rowboat Valentine

This three-dimensional valentine features a central cameo of a couple sitting together in a rowboat, framed by elaborate gold paper lace. Stored in a simple yet elegant box, this valentine offers a glimpse into a calm, romantic world. In addition to rowboats such as the one on this card, valentines also featured large ocean-faring sailboats, trains, hot-air balloons, automobiles, and even spaceships, drawing attention to the transportation and mobility of the valentine itself. This valentine bears the mark of having traveled through both space and time. Signed on the back by multiple people, it traveled from one collector to the next over the course of over a hundred years, thus lending credence to the belief that love--or, at least, the love of ephemera--is eternal.


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From Here to There