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Transcribed Ballads

Woodcut for The Sea captain, or Tit for tat

Woodcut for The Sea captain, or Tit for tat



Rodgers & victory. Tit for tat Or, The Chesapeake paid for in British blood


Most brilliant aval [sic] victory on Lake Erie. Glorious news!!!


Massachusetts Song of Liberty:



Harrison victorious


Eighth naval victory


Columbia and independence, a new patriotic song... Tune--Adams and liberty


Capture of Little York


Glorious naval victory...James Campbell, a boatswain's mate on board the Constitution


Written and corrected by James Campbell,...Tune "Disconsolate sailor"


A new song, composed by James Campbell on board the Constitution


Battle between troops under Gov. Harrison and tribes of Indians, 1811


Battle of Queenstown: Between the Americans...and the British...


Another glorious victory. Newport, Oct. 18, 1813. 


The American patriot's war song: or An appeal to freemen


A Song, composed on the evacuation of Boston by the British troops


The American Hero. Made on the Battle of Bunker-Hill, and the Burning of Charlestown


Captain Ward, the pirate


The Dying soldier together with the Galley slave


The dying words of Capt. Robert Kidd: a noted pirate


An Irishman's observations on British politics and privateering


Yankee privateering


On Samuel Tully and John Dalton...who is sentenced to be executed


Murder: death of Miss Mack Coy [i.e., McCoy], and the Young Teazer.


Privateering and pirateering alias, the "Peace Party" at war


A copy of a letter from Samuel Tully to his father, in England


The last words of S. Tully, executed 1812


Lord Nelson's battle of the Nile


Paul Jones's Victory


The Siege of Tripoli


Naval recruiting song, "tune All hands a hoy to the anchor." 


Truxton's victory: or Brave Yankee Boys


Death of General Wolfe, Susan's Lamentation


Paddy's land, An Irishman's heart for the ladies


The New Erin Go Bragh


American manufactures, the best trump to play with Great Britain


General Warren: or The Battle of Bunker Hill


 Erin go brah, St. Patrick's day in the morning