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Transcribed Ballads

Woodcut for The Sea captain, or Tit for tat

Woodcut for The Sea captain, or Tit for tat



The last words of Polly [Goold] Gould. To a very mournful tune


Verses composed on the schooner Washington and crew


The last words of S. Tully, executed 1812


The last words of S. Tully, who was executed at South Boston, for piracy


A copy of a letter from Samuel Tully to his father, in England


Truxton's victory: or Brave Yankee Boys


Thou shalt do no murder.


Theatre on fire Awful calamity! A letter from Richmond, Virginia 



Rodgers & victory. Tit for tat Or, The Chesapeake paid for in British blood


Riot in Baltimore. Extract of a letter from Baltimore, dated July 28.


Indian speech. The speech of Sagona Ha, which signifies the Keeper Awake


The girl of my heart, together with the Maid of Lodi, and Country 'squire


Privateering and pirateering alias, the "Peace Party" at war


A Particular account of the late distressing fire at Portsmouth


Murder: death of Miss Mack Coy [i.e., McCoy], and the Young Teazer.


On Samuel Tully and John Dalton...who is sentenced to be executed



Naval recruiting song, "tune All hands a hoy to the anchor." 


Most brilliant aval [sic] victory on Lake Erie. Glorious news!!!


Melancholy events Boston, July 21st, 1813


Massachusetts Song of Liberty:



Harrison victorious


An Elegy on the death of Reverend Joseph S. Buckminster


Eighth naval victory


Dreadful hurricane at New Orleans



Columbia and independence, a new patriotic song... Tune--Adams and liberty


Landlady of France, together with the Bottle of Rum, and Morgiana


Chevy Chase


Capture of Little York


Written and corrected by James Campbell,...Tune "Disconsolate sailor"


A new song, composed by James Campbell on board the Constitution


Glorious naval victory...James Campbell, a boatswain's mate on board the Constitution


The Bulwarks of religion


On Thursday last, two young men...received the sentence of death


Battle between troops under Gov. Harrison and tribes of Indians, 1811


The Silver Keyor a Fancy to Truth and a Warning to Youth.


Battle of Queenstown: Between the Americans...and the British...


Another glorious victory. Newport, Oct. 18, 1813. 


The American patriot's war song: or An appeal to freemen


America forever: or A defiance to the bulwark of religion, together with the Yankee sailor


The Young girl's resolution; together with Friendship


Yankee privateering


The Yankey's return from camp. Together with the favorite song of the Black bird



The World turn'd upside down; together with Constant Charley



The experiences of Nancy Welch, a blind woman


The experience of Nancy Welch, a blind woman (Written by herself)


The Vintner outwitted; together with the favorite song of Sally in our alley


The Valliant [sic] London prentice: : being an account of his matchless manhood




A Tragical account of the two lovers of Exeter


To the teachers of Toryism, together with Priestcraft exposed





Reflections of Sarah Thomas, an unfortunate young woman


Thomas Moorhead, a ship-wreck'd mariner, who subsisted fifty-one days on the bodies of his comrades





A Song, written on a Virginia cotton and tobacco merchant. Together with the Female drummer


A Song, composed on the evacuation of Boston by the British troops


The Soldier and his fair maid, together with Hard times


The Siege of Tripoli



Verses, composed by Amasa Sessions, on the death of Amasa Robbins


Sally in our ally together with Murtock Delarney's travels and return to Ballinafad


Sale at auction : to be sold on the first day January, 1850,


The Sailor's farewell : together with the Sailor's return, and the Praise of women


America, commerce & freedom. Together with the Soldier and his fair maid


Robin Bohugh's reason why he married such an ill looking wife


Meriden town; a new song : Tune--"The hounds are all up, and the morning doth peep"


Remonstrance of Almasa, wife of Almas Ali Cawn, to General Warren Hastings




Paul Jones's Victory


Death of General Wolfe, Susan's Lamentation


Paddy's land, An Irishman's heart for the ladies


The orphan boy; The galley slave, and the Sailor's return


On the various sects of religion:



The American Hero. Made on the Battle of Bunker-Hill, and the Burning of Charlestown


The New Erin Go Bragh



Lord Bakeman, who was taken by the Turks and put in prison


Lines composed on the execution of W. Clement's: who was shot for desertion


Lines composed on the death of Parker, Who was hung at the yard arm


Lady Washington's lamentation for the death of her husband


An Irishman's observations on British politics and privateering


American manufactures, the best trump to play with Great Britain



General Warren: or The Battle of Bunker Hill


Lord Nelson's battle of the Nile



Earthquake: verses on the earth-quake, in North-America, in the year 1755


The dying words of Capt. Robert Kidd: a noted pirate


The Dying soldier together with the Galley slave


The Death of Washington, with some remarks on Jeffersonian policy


The Death of Gen. Wahsington [sic], with some remarks on Jeffersonian policy


Conversion hymn : together with the Harvest of the world


Captain Ward, the pirate


Captain James, who was hung and gibbeted in England, for starving to death his cabbin-boy


 Erin go brah, St. Patrick's day in the morning


Brother sailor, or An address to seamen.--- Together with the Dying words of a young man


Brother sailor. An address to sailors. Tune, Indian chief. Together with the Spiritual soldier's uniform


Bateman's tragedy: being a warning to all maidens


Indian letter. Extract of a letter from Capt. Hendricks, an Indian chief, of the Stockbridge nation