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Woodcut for The Yankees return from camp Woodcut for The Yankees return from camp

The embargo. A favorite new song 


The Death of the embargo


The rose tree


Guardian angels, together with the Rose tree


Saw ye my hero George


The tempest, together with 'The last time I came o'er the moor'


The Death of General Wolfe: together with John Bull's description of a church


The sailor's journal, and Jockey to the fair


The American union, and the Birth of Gen. Washington


Hull's victory, or, Huzza for the Constitution


The farmer's daughter; or Barley maid


Hail Columbia


Heaving the lead


Battle of the kegs


The dying words of Capt. Robert Kidd: a noted pirate


Massachusetts song of liberty


Tom Tough: together with Crazy Jane 


The Times


American taxation: a song of seventy-nine


Bunch of rushes, and A sprig of shillelah, and shamrock so green


A New Irish song, together with the Banks of the Dee


The American Constitution frigate's engagement with the British frigate Guerriere


The Country 'squire: together with How stands the glass


The Frog and mouse, or The frog he would a wooing go


All music performed by David & Ginger Hildebrand.