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Thomas and Eno Collection

In 1990, AAS purchased from Matthew Needle a scrapbook that contained 226 prints and ephemera printed or collected by members of the Thomas and Eno firm, Henry A. Thomas and Henry C. Eno. Thomas was active as a commercial lithographer in New York City in the 1860s and 1870s; Eno was active for just a few years in the 1860s. The two were in partnership from 1862 to 1867.

The scrapbook, which the AAS conservation department dismantled in 1991, contained a few separately published prints that have been catalogued and shelved with the lithograph collection. Other ephemera are shelved in boxes in the graphic arts department. Included are labels for cigar boxes, proofs for covers designed for children's books, and much miscellaneous material. The collection is noteworthy for the range of material preserved.

- Terri Tremblay, Assistant Curator of Graphic Arts

Vanity Fair
Fragrant Vanity Fair cigarettes, (ca. 1873)

High Ground Schutzen Park. Corner Myrtle Av. & Grove St. Williamsburg


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