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2007 Summer Institutes

Due to the nature of the Teaching American History Grant, there is only enough funding to pay for twenty teachers to take each offered course/institute. Millbury and Sutton are allotted two spots each for each offering. In the event that either district opts not to utilize one or both spots for a particular offering, the spot(s) will go back to Worcester. Since the number of participants in the program is limited, preference will be given in the following order: people enrolled in the M.Ed. History program through TAH at Worcester State College, high school teachers who teach United States History, grade 3 and 5 teachers who teach Massachusetts/US History, and then other teachers who have applied.

Because participants can only use up to 21 credits of history courses from the TAH grant towards the M.Ed. program offered by Worcester State College (the additional 12 credits for the degree are specific classes required by WSC), people who need the 21 credits will get preference over people who have already earned 21 credits through the TAH grant.

Each institute is worth 3 graduate credits through Worcester State College. The TAH grant will pay for the credits earned by the participant for each institute, and books and other readings will be supplied. Accepted participants will receive more information.

The Sources of Soviet Conduct
Taught by Douglas Little of Clark University
To be held at Clark University,
Goddard Library,
Prouty Seminar Room,
June 25-29, 2007

The course will focus on Soviet-American relations during three key episodes of the Cold War: the rise of the containment and the Truman Doctrine during the late 1940s; the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962; and the causes and consequences of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Books by Gaddis, Fursenko and Naftali, and Westad will provide a broad historical context, but the course itself will be devoted to a close examination of primary documents, such as George Kennan's seminal 1947 article "The Sources of Soviet Conduct," the transcripts of the Kennedy White House tapes made during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and memoranda of Politburo discussions of the Afghan War available on-line through the Cold War International History Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC. We will conclude with a brief comparison of America's Cold War clash with the Soviet Union and its current confrontation with radical Islam.


The Gettysburg Address
Taught by David Blight and Thomas Thurston of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, & Abolition
To be held at the American Antiquarian Society
August 20-24, 2007

Focused on Abraham Lincoln's short, famous speech, this week-long program will expose participants to both relevant primary and secondary materials. In addition to a primary-document reader, participants will read and discuss works by top scholars in the fields of Civil War history and slavery. During this seminar, participants will explore the Gettysburg Address and its context -- not just what preceded Lincoln's speech, but also how it has echoed through U.S. history. Lectures and discussions will be supplemented by workshops at the American Antiquarian Society, which houses extensive collections of nineteenth-century newspapers, such as William Lloyd Garrison's The Liberator and Frederick Douglass's The North Star, as well as broadsides, political cartoons, pamphlets, and other printed materials.


Applications are due by March 31, 2007

Download an application (in Word). Instructions are included.


For more informtaion, please contact Amy Sopcak at (508) 471-2129 or asopcak[at]

Preference will be given to teachers from the Worcester, Millbury, and Sutton school districts, but teachers from other districts who are interested are encouraged to contact Amy to be placed on a waiting list.

TAH Courses, Saturday Seminars, and Summer Institutes, 2007-2008



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