Cook's American Orator and Bookmark

For Different Classes of Learners

Cooke, Increase. Introduction to The American Orator; or, A new selection of lessons in reading and speaking, adapted to the use of the different classes of learners in schools and academies. New Haven: Sidney's Press for Cooke & Co., 1812.

The Forest Time

The Forest Time

The children of the New Forest. By Capt. Marryat, R.N. New York: Harper & Brothers, publishers, 82 Cliff Street, 1848.

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Always a Favorite

Always a Favorite

Farmyard favorites. New York: Copyright 1900 by McLoughlin Bros. New York, 1900.

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Lady Morgan Italy

It will take a villa

Morgan, Lady. Italy. New York: C.S. Van Winkle, 1821.

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Adopted by Candy Okuno

West African Record

A mission to adopt II

West African Record (Cavalla, Liberia) October 1870.

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Spotlight on a Hermit

Spotlight on a hermit

Tees, Levin C. The Red Light on the Cliff, or, The Invisible Hermit. New York: G. Munro, c. 1871.

Red Sox Tickets

Information on bidding for Red Sox Tickets

With the American Antiquarian Society's 9th annual Adopt-a-Book event right around the corner, we thought we'd start the party now by opening up the bidding for VIP Red Sox tickets.  A generous donor has provided us with two pairs of EMC Club luxury box tickets to:

Hamburger, Wholesale Manufacturer

Perfect for the Corner Office

J.W. Hamburger. J.W. Hamburger, Wholesale Manufacturer of Parlor Furniture, Office and Warerooms, no. 195 Chrystie St., one block east of Bowery, New York City. Factory, nos. 150 and 152 19th Street, Brooklyn. New York: Jouffroy Bros., [1872?]

Adopt a Book - 2015

Adopt-a-Book 2015

On May 5, 2015 the American Antiquarian Society held its eighth annual Adopt-a-Book fundraiser at Antiquarian Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts. This event featured books, newspapers, manuscripts, broadsides, ephemera and prints. 


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