Previous Summer Seminars in the History of the Book

1985 “The Making of Literate America: Diffusion of Culture Based on Printing, 1759-1850”
(Stephen Botein, History, Michigan State University)
1986 “The American Common Reader: Printing, Entrepreneurship, and Cultural Change, 1759-1840”
(Stephen Botein)
1987 (apparently there was a teaching workshop on the history of the book instead)
1988 “The Politics of Reading, Writing, and Publishing in Nineteenth-Century America”
(David Hall, History, Boston University)
1990 “The American Renaissance: Critical and Bibliographical Perspectives”
(David S. Reynolds, English and American Studies, Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center, and Michael Winship, English, University of Texas, Austin)
1992 “Critical Methods in the History of the Book in the United States”
(Michael Winship)

“Bibliographical Approaches to the Nineteenth-Century Book in the United States”
(Michael Winship)

1993 “Critical Methods in Bibliography and the History of the Book in the United States”
(Michael Winship)
1994 “Critical Methods in Bibliography and the History of the Book in the United States”
(Michael Winship)

“Regional Cultures of the Book, 1783-1861”
(William J. Gilmore-Lehne, History, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)

1995 “Reading Culture, Reading Books”
(Mary Kelley, History, Dartmouth College)

“The Business of Publishing: Reading Financial Records as a source for the History of the Book”
(Michael Winship and William P. Barlow, Rare Book School)

1997 “Getting into Print”
(Joan Shelley Rubin, History, University of Rochester, and Meredith L. McGill, English, Rutgers University)
1998 “Readers, Writers, and the Book Trades in Early America”
(David D. Hall, Harvard Divinity School)
1999 “Telling Lives, Telling Lies?: Biography, Autobiography, and Personal Narrative”
(Ann Fabian, American Studies, Yale University)
2000 “Teaching the History of the Book”
(Scott Casper, History, University of Nevada-Reno, and Jeff Groves, Literature, Harvey Mudd College)
2001 “Using Graphic Arts as Primary Sources”
(Louis Masur, American Studies, City University of New York, and Gigi Barnhill, Curator of Graphic Arts, American Antiquarian Society)
2002 “Books in American Lives, 1830-1890”
(Louise L. Stevenson, History and American Studies, Franklin & Marshall College, and Amy Thomas, English, Montana State University)
2003 “Reading and Everyday Life: Books, Texts, Histories”
(Barbara Hochman, Foreign Languages and Linguistics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and David Stewart, English, National Central University, Taiwan)
2004 “Enriching American Studies Scholarship through the History of the Book”
(Philip Gura, English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
2005 “Publishing God: Printing, Preaching, and Reading in Eighteenth-Century America”
(Peter Stallybrass, English, University of Pennsylvania, and Michael Warner, English, Rutgers University)
2006 “Books and Their Readers to 1800 and Beyond”
(Jay Fliegelman, English, Stanford University, and Leah Price, English, Harvard University)
2007 “Re-Reading the Early Republic: From Crevecoeur to Cooper”
(Wayne Franklin, English, University of Connecticut; Jeffrey Walker, English, Oklahoma State University; and Lance Schachterle, English, Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
2008 “The Newspaper and the Culture of Print in the Early American Republic”
(David Paul Nord, Journalism, Indiana University, and John Nerone, Communications, University of Illinois)
2009 “Book History and Media History”
(Lisa Gitelman, Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU, and Meredith McGill, English, Rutgers University)
2010 “The Global American South and Early American Print Culture”
(Jeannine DeLombard, English, University of Toronto, and Lloyd Pratt, English, Michigan State University)
2011 “Encountering Revolution: Print Culture, Politics, and the British American Loyalists”
(Ed Larkin, English, University of Delaware, and Phil Gould, Brown University)
2012 “African American Cultures of Print”
(Lara Langer Cohen, English, Wayne State University, and Jordan Stein, English, University of Colorado, Boulder)
2013 Indigenous Cultures of Print in Early America
(Philip H. Round, English, University of Iowa)
2014 Books in the Larger World of Objects
(David Brewer, English, Ohio State University, and Lynn Festa, English, Rutgers University)
2015 Reading Children"
(Patricia Crain, English, NYU, and Martin Brückner, English, University of Delaware)
2016 Subscription Publishing in America"
(Michael Winship, English, University of Texas at Austin)
2017 Other Languages, Other Americas"
(Anna Brickhouse, University of Virginia, and Kirsten Silva Gruesz, University of California, Santa Cruz)

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