New at AAS in 2010

AAS Fellow

Fellowship Applications Due January 15

Applications for AAS-National Endowment for the Humanities Long-Term Fellowships and AAS Short-Term Visiting Academic Research Fellowships are due on January 15.

Draper Conference

Call for Papers

December 15, 2010, is the deadline for proposals for presentations at the Draper Graduate Student Conference Popular Culture in Early America to be held March 24-26, 2011.

John Hench

Wiggins Lecture Delivered

John B. Hench presented Random Notes from a Book History Bureaucrat, the 27th Annual Wiggins Lecture, on November 16.

Brief Narrative

Landmark Legal Case Explored

Paul Finkelman discussed A Brief Narrative of the Case and Tryal of John Peter Zenger, one of the most significant publications of colonial America.

Records of Salem

Books, Articles and Awards

The June through August list of recent scholarship based on research at AAS is now available.

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

A Midwife's Tale

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich presented her reflections upon some of the scholarly, popular, and political responses to A Midwife's Tale and considered its impact on her more recent work.

The Great Divorce

Betsy Ross

Marla Miller, author of the recently published Betsy Ross and the Making of America, discussed how she came to research and write the first scholarly biography of Ross.

Historic Print

Conference Schedule Announced

The 2010 CHAViC conference Historical Prints—Fact and Fiction will be held November 12-13. Please register by October 29.

2011 Summer Seminar

October Issue of Common-place

Read about Phillis Wheatley's poems, Mark Twain's China connection, a popular Civil War blog, and more in the current issue of Common-place.

King Andrew

Teaching American History

Programming for Securing the Blessings of Liberty, a professional development program conducted with the Worcester Public Schools, beings this week.

The Great Divorce

The Great Divorce

Ilyon Woo will discuss the sensational story of Eunice Chapman and the key historical evidence she found at AAS. Preview the book's trailer.

Antiquarian Hall

2010 Annual Meeting

AAS members will gather October 21-22 in Worcester for the 2010 annual meeting.

Almanac number 80

Almanac Number 80

The current issue of Almanac features news of the recent acquisition of the business records of Philadelphia daguerreotypists Simons & Collins.

Nathaniel Philbrick

Fall Public Programs

Nathaniel Philbrick will begin the series of fall public programs when he discusses his new book The Last Stand on Sept. 16.

2011 Summer Seminar

New Reviews on Common-place

An "extra" (vol. 10, no. 4.5) of Common-place containing three new book reviews has just been issued.

2011 Summer Seminar

2011 Summer Seminar Announced

Philip Gould and Ed Larkin will lead Encountering Revolution: Print Culture, Politics, and the British American Loyalists from June 13-17.

AAS Fellow

Download Fellowship Applications

Applications for AAS fellowships are now online. The Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship and Fellowships for Creative and Performing Artists and Writers applications are due in October.

Reading Exhibition

A Place of Reading

The new online exhibition A Place of Reading uses images and objects from the AAS collections to illuminate the spaces where reading happened in early America.

Mary Kelley

HBA Celebrated in Washington

A History of the Book in America editors David D. Hall, Scott E. Casper, Mary C. Kelley, and Joan Rubin discuss the project upon its completion.

Books as Weapons

Books and Articles

The March though June list of recent scholarship based on research at AAS is now available.

Collection Descriptions

Manuscript Collection Descriptions

Collection descriptions for all processed manuscript collections with contents lists are available as pdfs.

C.C. Baldwin

AAS Librarian's Diary Published

Accompanied by more than 160 illustrations, the newly transcribed text of Christopher Columbus Baldwin's 1829-1835 diary is now available.

American Insurgents

Insurgents and Patriots

Drawing from his new book American Insurgents, American Patriots, historian T.H. Breen will present "A Rumor that Almost Sparked a Revolution in 1774."


2010-2011 Fellows

A list of current fellows and their projects has been announced.

Residence at 9 Regent

New Residence Opens

The newly renovated scholars' housing located adjacent to the library at 9 Regent Street is now ready for occupancy.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Radical Propositions

Historian Lori D. Ginzberg examined ome of the implications of the vote, of individualism, and of the brilliant, self-righteous, charismatic, intimidating, and charming Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Cultural Narratives

Just Off The Press

Cultural Narratives: Textuality and Performance in American Culture before 1900, edited by Sandra M. Gustafson and Caroline F. Sloat has been published.

The Spirit of - 76.

Call for Artists

Local artists are invited to submit three-dimensional works that respond to Prints of American History for a CHAViC exhibition in Worcester this fall.

The Spirit of - 76.

New Online Exhibition

Prints of American History: Myths in the Making exhibits twenty-nine prints depicting scenes from American history.

W.W. Woodward

Hartford Witch Hunt Explored

Walter W. Woodward, Connecticut State Historian, presented a public program, on "New England's Other Witch Hunt: John Winthrop, Jr. and the Hartford Witch Hunt of the 1660s"

Empire of Liberty

Public Lecture

Pulitzer-prize-winning historian Gordon Wood presented a public program discussing his latest book Empire of Liberty

Uncivil Discourse

Discussion on Discourse

The chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Jim Leach, joined historian and essayist Jill Lepore for a public program on the state of political discourse in America, past and present.

Group Photographs

Annual Report

The 2008-2009 annual report may be read online.

Group Photographs

Group Photographs

A new inventory for the group photographs collection is online.

Paper Money Men

Books, Articles and Awards

The December through March list of recent scholarship based on research at AAS is now available.

Adopt-A-Book item

2010 Adopt-A-Book

Browse the 2010 Adopt-A-Book Catalog to view over 140 items up for adoption.

newspaper shelves

Newspapers Acquired in 2009

The complete list of recent acquisitions in the newspaper department for January - December 2009 is now online. All listed newspapers are available for use.

Library of Congress

2010 Semiannual Meeting

The 2010 Semiannual Meeting of the American Antiquarian Society will be held April 8-10 in Washington, D.C.


Theodor Clemens Wohlbrück Photographs

A new box list of a collection of over 1,000 printed proof photographs of towns in Worcester County taken c.1905-1915 is now available.


Early 19th Century Tunebook

This well-worn volume contains approximately fifty secular tunes with titles such as "Presidents New March," "York Fusalier," and "The Hay Maker."


Cuban Newspapers

One of the gems of the AAS newspaper collection is its Caribbean newspaper holdings. Over 100 Cuban newspapers were added last year.

2010 Summer Seminar in the History of the Book

A provisional syllabus for The Global American South and Early American Print Culture is available. Applications are due March 12.

WOO card

Earn WOO points

Attend a public tour, present a WOO card, and earn three WOO points. The WOO program is overseen by the Worcester Cultural Coalition.

2010 CHAViC Summer Seminar

The draft syllabus for Interpreting Historical Images for Teaching and Research is available. Applications are due March 1.

Children's Book with Paper Dolls

The History and Adventures of Little Eliza (Philadelphia, 1811) is among the earliest American editions of a book first printed in London accompanied by a set of paper dolls.


Periodical Issues in Wrappers Added

A fine collection of 595 19th-century periodical issues in their original paper wrappers was recently added to the AAS periodicals collection.

Peirce Collection Inventory

Fully Illustrated Inventory of Print Collection

A fully illustrated inventory of the Charles Peirce Collection of Social and Political Caricatures and Ballads is now available online. The collection contains 65 British and American prints dating from 1796-1807.


Risqué Literature Acquired

A fortuitous purchase from Steve Finer has enabled AAS to add no fewer than 12 titles to its enviable holdings of 19th-century risqué literature.

Cross Family Inventory

Inventory Goes Online

An illustrated inventory of the Cross Family Collection is now available online. The collection contains over 450 items, many either created, featuring, or owned by one of the three Cross siblings.

Paper Money Men

Books, Articles and Awards

The September through December list of recent scholarship based on research at AAS is now available.

CHAViC Website Launched

Visit, the new website of the Center for Historic American Visual Culture at AAS.

Paper Money Men

Native American Collections

Read the new overview of the Society's exceptionally strong Native American history resources.


Women's Letters and Diaries

Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries from the American Antiquarian Society, 1750-1950, created in cooperation with Alexander Street Press, has been released.

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