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James Fennimore Cooper, Leatherstocking Tales, Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard, 1843-45. $3,250

Leatherstocking TalesThe longest running scholarly initiative based on the Society’s collection has been The Writings of James Fennimore Cooper. Conceived by Cooper scholar James Franklin Beard, Jr. of Clark University, the project was established in 1967 as the joint undertaking of Clark and AAS. Over the past forty-five years teams of scholars have established definitive, critically edited texts for twenty-two of Cooper’s works. The Society’s contribution to the project has been to assemble as complete a collection as possible of all editions of Cooper’s work, in any language, published up to 1877. This multi-volume set of the Leatherstocking Tales contains the second printings of the first three volumes and the first printings of the last two and was issued over two years. It is an important addition to the Cooper collection, which includes multiple first editions, letters, literary manuscripts and foreign imprints. This project is central to the mission of the Society to participate in American book and literary history scholarship.


Paul Revere (cut only). Relief Fire Society, Rules and Orders for the Relief Society. Boston, John Boyle, 1773. $7,500

Rules and Orders for the Relief SocietyThis broadside records members of the Boston Fire Relief Society. The design atop the sheet was cast in lead by Paul Revere and features a central cherub with a halo of fire hose, surrounded by fire buckets, a horn, and other tools of fire fighting. A pair of cherubs holds up a banner with the Latin phrase “In Angustiis Amici” or “Friends are in Trouble.” The document lays out the rules of the society and states that each member must assist the others in case of a fire. The Society’s holdings of printed work by Paul Revere is one of the most complete anywhere in the world.

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