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What teachers and administrators are saying about the Isaiah Thomas - Patriot Printer program

portrays Isaiah Thomas
"For many of our students this was a first time experience and they were spell bound!"
-Fred Heinser, Teacher, Worcester East Middle School

"Mr. Gustafson is an excellent choice for the role as his portrayal was not only dramatically extraordinary, he was also genuinely responsive to the students with understanding and humor."
-Jack Chiras, Social Studies Liaison, Worcester Public Schools

"This was a well planned curriculum unit. The children enjoyed looking at the primary source documents and making comparisons to their own daily lives. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource! It helped me make history exciting.."
- Phyllis Kelly, Burncoat Prepartory School
"The curriculum packet was awesome...lots of great information."
-Doree Porter, Teacher, Wawecus Road School

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What students are saying about the Isaiah Thomas - Patriot Printer presentation.

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