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What is required for a successful Isaiah Thomas - Patriot Printer performance?

We developed Isaiah Thomas - Patriot Printer to be a unique learning tool that can be employed and enjoyed by teachers and students alike. This play can be performed almost anywhere successfully. However, we would like to offer the following suggestions to help insure your performance will be both memorable and effective.

Before the performance, with your class:

  • Review the introductory material in the Curriculum Guide

At the performance we will need:

  • A performance area with no through traffic or other activities taking place in it, if possible (bells hushed, no intercom announcements)
  • A table (3'x6' or comparable size) set up on the left hand side of the performance area for Isaiah to put his books and papers on
  • Good general lighting (spot lighting in not necessary)
  • A small group (50-75 is ideal, 100 maximum) of quiet, eager students anticipating an entertaining, educational presentation.

On the day of the performance "Isaiah" will need:

  • A private space (preferable one that locks) in which he can change into his costume and put on his makeup.


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