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Funding Assistance Information

Need funding to bring Isaiah Thomas to your school? Funding is available through the Local Cultural Council Program (LCC) of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Funds for school and community cultural programs are allocated through the LCC Program to all of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts.

Here is the link that will bring you directly to the LCC application page.

To help you complete the form we have provided you with sample answers for questions which appeared on a recent LCC application. These answers are based on an application submitted by a middle school teacher who received funding for his school twice.

Please note that you must tailor the application to the specifications of the LCC program in your community as indicated in the bolded italic copy in the parentheses below. Please read the LCC program description thoroughly and contact the LCC officer in your community before you begin your application. We have provided this information as a guide to aid your application process; we cannot guarantee that you will receive funding. Any questions should be directed to your LCC officer.

  • Question One. Project Description: Summarize the proposed project. (Describe who is the target audience; what will happen; when and where it will occur; and how the project will be executed. Note: you may provide additional narrative on a separate sheet of paper, but you must summarize the project here.)

    Isaiah Thomas - Patriot Printer is a 45-minute performance by actor Neil Gustafson. This one-man play about Thomas's life is written by James David Moran of the American Antiquarian Society. The audience will be (insert information regarding number of performances, grade level, audience other than students). This is a powerful and very dramatic performance. It has been successfully received by over 6,000 students in 100 schools in grades 5-12. Neil Gustafson enters the classroom in his historically accurate costume of the period. He then greets the students in the deep commanding voice of Isaiah Thomas. There is a strong interactive element in his portrayal of Thomas during the year 1812. He asks students what they like to collect and then begins to share some of his collection of broadsides, proclamations, letters, and books. For 45 minutes, Isaiah Thomas is indeed alive for the students to appreciate and remember.


  • Question Two: Describe the planning done for this project in terms of process, and who or what organizations was/were involved as partners or advisors. How would partial funding impact this project?

    The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) produced this program as a way to teach young people about The American Revolution, The War of 1812, The Early National Period, Early American Literature, the history of printing and print culture, and the founding of the AAS which is the foremost national library for pre-twentieth century American history in the country. In developing the script for the Isaiah Thomas - Patriot Printer project, Moran worked extensively in the AAS collections. Whenever possible Thomas's own words were incorporated into the language of the script. Moran also consulted with such institutions as Old Sturbridge Village, the Smithsonian Institution, and Colonial Williamsburg to learn how to operate eighteenth-century printing equipment. Moran worked with three teachers to create lesson plans which give students experience working with copies of primary source documents. There are 15 specific lesson plans for classroom use and copies of original documents in a large curriculum packet that the school receives along with the performance. The lessons are designed for use in both Language Arts and Social Studies classes. If we receive partial funding, we will approach other funding sources in the community such as local businesses and banks. (Insert here other alternative plans for funding specific to your community)


  • Question Three: Explain how this project will reach and benefit the citizens of this community. How will you know the project is successful? (Include promotion, expected results and plans for evaluation.)

    Students will complete activities both before and after the performance to enrich their understanding of Thomas and the primary source documents used in the presentation. Isaiah Thomas - Patriot Printer was developed to adhere to the history/social science and language arts state curriculum frameworks. Some of the activities will require family involvement to complete. We will work with our PTA to invite parents and other members of our local community to the performance.


  • Question Four: Describe your plans for promoting this project to your target audience and your community. (Include information on planned outreach and publicity activities.)

    We will advertise in the calendar section of our local newspaper and invite a reporter to attend. We will develop a questionnaire for the adults who attend and our teachers will also write a report evaluating student responses and overall effectiveness of the presentation and curriculum materials. (Insert here plans that may be more specific to your community)


  • Question Five: Please detail the qualifications of key artists, humanists, interpretive scientists or organizations involved with leading the cultural component of this project. Application will be considered incomplete without this information. (Please attach resumes)

    James David Moran is Outreach Director of the American Antiquarian Society. He is the creator of The History Show, radio shows based on important single years in American history. The History Show was broadcast on 150 public radio stations throughout the country. To create Isaiah, he first reviewed Thomas's personal collection and then worked with Neil Gustafson to tell the story of his life in dramatic form. Neil Gustafson is a professional actor with much experience on stage and in television and motion pictures. (Insert appropriate information here regarding the individuals and organizations that have contributed to bringing Isaiah Thomas-Patriot Printer to your community)

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