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The History Show

This audio presentation was first produced for public radio and was distributed to 150 stations in 47 states. The History Show is a combination of history and entertainment. Each program brings to life a year in American history through the music, humor, stories, and significant events of the period. One-hour programs are composed of short segments from 10 to 20 minutes in length that can be used in the classroom. Two pilot programs of the History Show are available -- one for the year 1775 and the other for the year 1857. The programs feature professional actors taped before a live audience. The Society plans to produce additional history show programs and develop curriculum guides to accompany each presentation. The guides will include a variety of primary source documents and graphic images from the Society's collections. Copies of the scripts, historical background information, and classroom activities will be included. The programs are available as cassette tapes or as cds.

The History Show - 1775 dramatizes a time when Boston is an occupied city: shots are fired on the Lexington town green; a protest turns into war and the world is forever changed. Professional actors and musicians bring to life a year filled with ribaldry, superstition, piety, and idealism. Through this innovative audio program, your students can experience the confusion, the fear, and the heroism of our country's genesis.

The History Show - 1857 portrays a time when you could buy a quart of milk for seven cents and a person for 1300 dollars - a time when the nation was being polarized and propelled into Civil War. The History Show - 1857 illuminates our country's racism while portraying the power of our idealism.

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For more information about The History Show project please contact:

James David Moran
Director of Outreach
American Antiquarian Society
Worcester, MA 01609