Current Fellows and Their Projects



Mellon Distinguished Scholar

  • Peter Onuf, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Virginia

Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship

  • Roberto Saba, Ph.D. in History, University of Pennsylvania, “American Mirror: The United States and the Empire of Brazil in the Age of Emancipation”

AAS-National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships

  • Juliana Chow, Assistant Professor of English, Saint Louis University, “Lacunae: Vital Language and the Casualties of Natural History”
  • Katherine Grandjean, Assistant Professor of History, Wellesley College, “The Harpe Murders and the Legacies of the American Revolution”
  • Samantha Harvey, Professor of English, Boise State University, “Reading the Book of Nature: Imagination, Observation, and Conservation in Transatlantic Romanticism”
  • Reeve Huston, Associate Professor of History, Duke University, “Reforging American Democracy”
  • Sarah Schuetze, Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, “Calamity Howl: Fear of Illness in Early American Writing”
  • Adrian Weimer, Associate Professor of History, Providence College, “Godly Petitions: Puritanism and the Crisis of the Restoration in America”

American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship

  • Michaela Rife, Ph.D. Candidate in Art, University of Toronto, “Wonderful Mining Country: Promoting Western Resource Extraction”

Alstott-Morgan Fellowship

  • Brandon Layton, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of California, Davis, “Children of Two Fires”

AAS-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellowship

  • Ken Miller, Associate Professor of History, Washington College, “The Strange Case of Bathsheba Spooner: A Tale of Sex and Murder in Revolutionary America”

Stephen Botein Fellowships

  • Thora Brylowe, Assistant Professor of English, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Impressions and Folds: The Ecology of Romantic-Era Paper”
  • Clare Mullaney, Ph.D. Candidate in English, University of Pennsylvania, “American Imprints: Disability and the Material Text, 1858-1932”

Drawn-to-Art Fellowship

  • Katherine Harnish, Ph.D. Candidate in Art History and Archaeology, Washington University in St. Louis, “Painting Ephemera in the Age of Mass Production”

David Jaffee Fellowship

  • Christopher Allison, Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies, Harvard University, “Protestant Relics: Encountering and Collecting the Body in Early America, 1770-1850”

The Lapides Fellowship in Pre-1865 Juvenile Literature and Ephemera

  • JoAnn Conrad, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, California State University, East Bay, “Women’s Work: Women Illustrators in Commercial Media during the Golden Age of Illustration”

Jay and Deborah Last Fellowships

  • Irene Cheng, Assistant Professor of Architecture, California College of the Arts, “The Shape of Utopia”
  • Kathrinne Duffy, Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies, Brown University, “Doctrine of the Skull: Phrenology and Public Culture in Nineteenth-Century America”
  • Sonia Hazard, Ph.D. Candidate in Religion, Duke University, “The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America”
  • Elizabeth Hopwood, Instructor of English/Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities, Loyola University Chicago, “Eating the Atlantic: Nineteenth-Century U.S. and Caribbean Tables and Texts”
  • Leslie McAbee, Ph.D. Candidate in English and Comparative Literature, “Exotic Animals and the American Conscience, 1840-1900”
  • Rachel Miller, Ph.D. Candidate in American Culture, University of Michigan, “Capital Entertainment: Creative Labor and the Modern Stage, 1860-1910”
  • Judith Ridner, Associate Professor of History, Mississippi State University, “Clothing the Babel”
  • Whitney Barlow Robles, Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies, Harvard University, “Curious Species: How Animals Made Natural History, 1700-1820”
  • Hesam Sharifian, Ph.D. Candidate in Drama and Dance, Tufts University, “Americanizing Shakespeare in Print”
  • Erika Schneider, Associate Professor of Art, Framingham State University, “Lost in Translation, Found in Print: American Gift Books”

Legacy Fellowship

  • Charlene Boyer Lewis, Professor of History, Kalamazoo College, “The Traitor’s Wife: Peggy Arnold and Revolutionary America”

Barbara L. Packer Fellowship
(established by the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society)

  • Molly Reed, Ph.D. Candidate in History, Cornell University, “Ecology of Utopia”

Kate B. and Hall J. Peterson Fellowships

  • Hannah Anderson, Ph.D. Candidate in History, “Lived Botany: Domesticity, Settler Colonialism and Ecological Adaptation in Early British America”
  • Kristen Beales, Ph.D. Candidate in History, The College of William and Mary, “Religion and Commerce in Eighteenth-Century America”
  • Kevin Butterfield, Associate Professor of Classics and Letters, University of Oklahoma, “The Great Excitement”
  • Dexter Gabriel, Assistant Professor of History, University of Connecticut, “Performing Freedom in the Mighty Experiment”
  • Abby Goode, Assistant Professor of English, Plymouth State University, “Democratic Demographics: A Literary Genealogy of American Sustainability”
  • Kathleen Hilliard, Associate Professor of History, Iowa State University, “Bonds Burst Asunder: The Revolutionary Politics of Getting By in Civil War and Emancipation, 1860-1867”
  • Patrick O’Connor, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of Montana, “The Health of the State: Tobacco and the Paradox of Public Power, 1862-1933”
  • John Shufelt, Visiting Associate Professor of American Studies, Brown University, “Newspaper Accounts of the Coolie Slave Trade”
  • Nancy Siegel, Professor of Art History, Towson University, “Political Appetites”
  • Todd Thompson, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, “Savage Laughter”

The Reese Fellowships

  • Kristina Garvin, Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Saint Joseph’s University, “Past and Future States”
  • Sam Sommers, Ph.D. candidate in English, University of California, Los Angeles, “Reading in Books: theories of Reading from Nineteenth-Century American Fiction”

Justin G. Schiller Fellowship

  • Jaclyn Schultz, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of California, Santa Cruz, “Learning the Value of a Dollar”

Joyce Tracy Fellowship

  • Dianne Roman, Independent Researcher, “The Boston Olive Branch and Its Women: Compositors, Editors, and Authors”



Fellowships for Creative and Performing Artists and Writers - 2017

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Fellowships

  • Arielle Ballard, poet, Brockton, MA, research for a full-length book of poetry, explores race and ethnicity with a particular focus on the interactions between black and indigenous people with American society prior to the twentieth century
  • Shana Youngdahl, poet, Farmington, ME, research for a collection of poems about history of women in the early tin ware industry in New England

Robert and Charlotte Baron Fellowships

  • Erik Rodgers, fiction writer, Los Angeles, CA, research for project is a novel entitled “The Broken World” about early colonial America
  • Linwood Rumney, poet from Cincinnati, OH, research for a collection of poems, “Discrepant Means”, exploring media sensationalism, religious extremism, and hoaxing as they emerge in the nineteenth century

Jay and Deborah Last Artist Fellowship

  • Steven Subotnick, filmmaker, Providence, RI, research for a series of short animated films entitled “Tender Parts” that explores the nature of tall tale characters in nineteenth-century America


For a complete list of all fellows from 1972 to the present, see the Fellows' Directory

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