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2004-2005 Fellows and Their Projects

AAS-National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows

Christopher J. Lukasik, assistant professor of English, Boston University, "Discerning Characters: Social Distinction and the Face in American Culture, 1780-1850"

Martha J. McNamara, associate professor of history, University of Maine, "New England Visions: Landscape Representation in History and Art, 1790-1850"

Manisha Sinha, associate professor of Afro-American studies and history, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "Redefining Democracy: African Americans and the Movement to Abolish Slavery, 1775-1865"


Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence

David Hall, Professor of American Religious History, Harvard Divinity School, "A New History of Puritan America"


Mellon Post-Dissertation Fellow

Cindy R. Lobel, CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D., "Consuming Classes: Changing Food Consumption Patterns in New York City, 1780-1860"


Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Cornelia Hughes Dayton, associate professor of history, University of Connecticut, "Self and Sanity in Early New England"


American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship

Katherine Hijar, Ph.D. candidate, Johns Hopkins University, "Sex, Violence, and Sport in American Popular Print Culture, 1820-1880"


AAS-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Fellowship

Jeffrey L. Pasley, associate professor of history, University of Missouri-Columbia, "Jeffersonian Democracy Revisited: Popular Political Culture in Print, 1800-1828"


Stephen Botein Fellowships

James A. Secord, professor of history and philosophy of science, University of Cambridge, "Nature as News: Reporting Science in the Antebellum American Illustrated Press"

Alexandra Socarides, Ph.D. candidate in English, Rutgers University, "Lyric Contexts: Emily Dickinson and the Nineteenth-Century Extended Poetic Project"


"Drawn to Art" Fellowship

Kathleen Lawrence, lecturer in American studies, Boston University, "Margaret Fuller's Aesthetic Transcendentalism"


Legacy Fellowship

Robb Haberman, Ph.D. candidate in history, University of Connecticut, "Magazine Production and the Economics of the Print Trade in Post-Revolutionary America"


Kate B. and Hall J. Peterson Fellowships

Jennifer L. Anderson, Ph.D. candidate in history, New York University, "Nature's Currency: The Atlantic Mahogany Trade in the Eighteenth-Century"

Thomas E. Augst, assistant professor of English, University of Minnesota, "The Sobriety Test: Temperance and the Melodramas of Modern Citizenship"

Peter C. Baldwin, assistant professor of history, University of Connecticut, "American Night: Transforming the Nocturnal City, 1800-1930"

Lynne Z. Bassett, independent scholar, "American Whole-Cloth Quilts: A Study of Regional Innovation, Refinement, and Domestic Production"

Phyllis B. Cole, professor of English and American Studies, Penn State Delaware County, "Feminist Writers and the Periodical Press in Antebellum America"

David N. Gellman, assistant professor of history, DePauw University, "Liberty's Legacy: The Jay Family and the Problem of American Freedom"

Vicki Hsueh, assistant professor of political science, Western Washington University, "Hybrid Constitutionalism: Negotiating Constitutions and Cultures in the Proprietary Colonies, 1625-1690"

Angela Pulley Hudson, Ph.D. candidate in American studies, Yale University, "Indians, Slaves, and Surveyors on the Federal Road, 1790s-1840s"

Peter Leavenworth, Ph.D. candidate in history, University of New Hampshire, "Confrontations of Taste: American vs. European Standards of Music Aesthetics in the Early Republic"

Katherine Stebbins McCaffrey, Ph.D. candidate in American studies, Boston University, "Reading Glasses: American Spectacles from Benjamin Franklins Bifocals to MIThril"

Christopher Phillips, associate professor of history, University of Cincinnati, "South of North: The Civil War on the Middle Border"

Ilyon Woo, Ph.D. candidate in English and comparative literature, Columbia University, "Mother against Mother"


Reese Fellowship

Hester Blum, assistant professor of English, Penn State University, "The View from the Mast-Head: Antebellum American Sea Narrative and the Maritime Imagination"


Joyce A. Tracy Fellowship

Sara Fanning, Ph.D. candidate in history, University of Texas, Austin, "The Promised Land: African Americans and Haiti from the Haitian Revolution to 1830"


AAS-Christoph Daniel Ebeling Fellowship

Katharina Erhard, Ph.D. candidate in American studies, University of Regensburg, "An Empire in Many Respects the Most Interesting in the World': Choreographies of Empire in Early American Plays."


William Randolph Hearst Foundation Fellowships

Martha Morss is a writer and editor from Mount Vernon, Ohio. She is writing a biography of colonial printer Mary Katherine Goddard aimed at younger readers.

Alyson Pou is a visual and performance work artist from New York City. Her project, A Slight Headache, is a solo performance that explores the relationship between a mother and daughter and is set in the mid to late 1800s.


Robert and Charlotte Baron Fellowships

Joanne Dobson, is a novelist and scholar of nineteenth-century American literature from Brewster, New York. She will be researching a new historical novel set in New York City titled, Search for India. Ms. Dobson is currently Writer-in-Residence at Fordham University.

James Thomas Stevens is a poet from Dunkirk, New York, and is currently assistant professor of American Indian Studies and English at State University of New York College at Fredonia. He will be doing research on the Stockbridge Indian community and school to write a long poem splicing historical texts with personal narrative.


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2004-2005 Fellows and Their Projects


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