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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Cable Mary 1989-90 RA freelance writer Early history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Cable Mary 1990-91 RA freelance writer Early history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony .
Caison Gina 2016-17 Last Georgia State University associate professor of English Feather
Caison Gina Marie 2011-12 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of California, Davis PhD candidate 'To the Dear Reader': Rhetorical Audiences and Histories in Boudinot, Simms, and the Antebellum Newspaper
Call Wendy 2010 Baron Seattle, WA writer, non-fiction research for series of literary essays about the grieving process
Campbell Emahunn 2013-14 Peterson University of Massachusetts - Amherst PhD candidate The Construction of the Black Criminal
Canup John 1990-91 Boni Texas A&M University assistant professor New England Culture and the Pacific
Carlebach Michael 1986-87 Peterson University of Miami assistant professor The Origins of Photojournalism in America, 1839-80
Carlson Hannah 2006-7 Botein Boston University PhD candidate In the Company of Books: Reading the Pocket Companion
Carlson-Bradley Martha 2008 Baron Hillsborough, NH poet research for collection of poems, New England Primer
Carmody Todd Peterson Harvard University lecturer Racial Handicap: Uplift and Rehabilitation in Postbellum America
Carp Benjamin 2001-2 Peterson University of Virginia PhD. Candidate Cityscapes and Revolution: Urban Spaces and Revolutionary Mobilization in North America, 1740-1790
Carpenter Stephanie 2015 Hearst Hancock, MI fiction writer Many and Wide Separations: Two Novellas
Carr Ryan 2013-14 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate Arts and Sciences of American Expression: 1820-1890
Carroll Bret 1997-98 Peterson University of Texas, Arlington visiting assistant professor Religion and Masculinity in Antebellum America
Carroll Brian 2008-9 Peterson University of Connecticut PhD candidate "Military Masculinities in New England: Anglo-American and Native-American Soldiers, 1689-1763."
Carroll Brian 2015-16 AAS-ASECS Central Washington University assistant professor of history Burning the Hearts of the Dead: Medicine, Migration, and New England Vampire Belief, 1782-1819
Carter Michael 2005-6 Botein University of Southern California PhD. Candidate Mathew Carey and the Public Emergence of Roman Catholicism in the United States, 1789-1839
Carter Sarah 2007-8 Last Harvard University PhD candidate "Object Lessons in Nineteenth-Century America"
Casey Jim 2015-16 Botein University of Delaware PhD candidate Editing a Revolution in Newspaper Printing, 1847-1849
Casmier-Paz Lynn 2009-10 Botein University of Central Florida associate professor Slave literacy, children's textbooks, and antebellum education
Casper Scott 1990-91 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate The Cultural and Literary Contexts of Antebellum Campaign Biography and Children's Biography
Casper Scott 1998-99 Peterson University of Nevada, Reno associate professor First Families: Presidents at Home in the American Imagination, 1789-20
Cassedy Tim 2010-11 Peterson New York University PhD candidate The Character of Communication, 1790-1810
Castagna JoAnn 1990-91 NEMLA University of Iowa academic advisor Women, Sexuality, and Popular Culture: Sensation Novels andGender Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers
Castiglia Christopher 2012-13 Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence Pennsylvania State University Liberal Arts Research Professor of English The Practices of Hope and other Romantic Dispositions
Cave Roderick 1976-77 Daniels University of the West Indies professor A History of Printing in the West Indies
Chakravarty Urvashi 2014-15 Lapides University of Hawaii at Manoa Assistant Professor of English Serving Like a Free Man: Labor, Liberty, and Consent in Early Modern England
Charbeneau Brett 1995-96 ASECS Colonial Williamsburg Foundation journeyman printer Williamsburg Imprints Program
Chavigny Katherine 1993-94 Peterson University of Chicago PhD candidate American Confessions: The Formation of Antebellum Addiction Narratives
Chen Xi 2010-11 Peterson University of Washington, Seattle PhD candidate The Life and Times of John B. Gough
Cheng Irene 2017-18 Last California College of Arts assistant professor The Shape of Utopia
Chernos Lin Rachel 2002-3 Peterson Brown University PhD. Candidate The Rhode Island Slave Traders and their Communities, 1750-1807
Chiles Katy 2014-15 Botein University of Tennessee Assistant Professor of English Raced Collaboration: The Idea of Authorship and Early African American and Native American Literature
Chopra Ruma 2006-7 Peterson University of California at Davis PhD candidate Loyalist Persuasions: New York City, 1776-1783
Chow Juliana 2017-18 AAS-NEH Saint Louis University associate professor of English Lacunae: Vital Language and the Casualties of Natural History
Christ Birte 2012-13 Ebeling Justus-Liebig-University Giessen assistant professor A Systematic Survey of Anti-Gallows Poetry in the Democratic Review, The Hangman/The Prisoners' Friend, and Selected Periodicals from 1842-1849
Chu Jonathan 1987-88 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Boston associate professor Where's Mine?: Debt in Post-Revolutionary Massachusetts
Chudacoff Howard 1974-75 Rockefeller Brown University assistant professor The Effect of Industrialization and Urbanization upon Family Structure in Nineteenth-Century Worcester
Chudacoff Howard 2000-1 Peterson Brown University professor Children and Their Styles of Play, 1750-1880
Chuong Jennifer 2016-17 Drawn-to-Art Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Marbling and Projection in Early American Bindings
Clapper Michael 1992-93 Peterson Northwestern University PhD candidate The `Popular' and `Elite' Disjunction in Art in the United States after the Civil War
Clark Charles 1980-81 Daniels University of New Hampshire professor emeritus : A Comparative Study of English and American Journalism,1665-1765
Clark Charles 1985-86 Boni University of New Hampshire professor emeritus The Public Prints: An Essay in Anglo-American JournalisticOrigins
Clark Christopher 1982-83 Haven York College lecturer Economy and Culture in Rural Massachusetts, 1790-1860
Clark Christopher 1990-91 Peterson To Live in the Common Cause: Communal and Cooperative Groups in Nineteenth-Century America
Clark Justin 2012-13 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Southern California PhD candidate Training the Eyes: Romantic Vision and Class Formation in Boston, 1830-1870
Clark Thomas 2005-6 Ebeling University of Kassel assistant professor Toquevillian Moments: Transatlantic Visions of an American Republican Culture
Clarke Frances 2012-13 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Sydney lecturer Minors in the Military: A History of Child Soldiers from the Revolution to the Civil War
Clavin Matthew 2003-4 Peterson American University PhD candidate Men of Color, to Arms!
Clytus Radiclani 2009-10 Center for Historic American Visual Culture Tufts University assistant professor Envision Slavery: American Abolitionism and the Primacy of the Visual
Cobb David 1973-74 Mellon short-term fellow University of Indiana librarian Bibliography of maps for the New England states
Cockrell Dale 1983-84 AAS-NEH Middlebury College assistant professor The Journals of the Hutchinson Family
Cockrell Dale 1994-95 AAS-NEH College of William and Mary David N and Margaret C Bottoms professor Demons of Disorder: The Early Blackface Minstrel and His World
Cockshut Gillian 1985 Peterson Worcester Polytechnic Institute The American Pattern of Childhood
Coclanis Peter 1977-78 Daniels Columbia University PhD candidate Economy and Society in Colonial Charleston
Coens Thomas 2002-3 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate The Formation of the Jackson Party, 1822 - 1829
Cohen Daniel 1992-93 Botein Florida International University assistant professor Beyond Domesticity: Literary Images of Working-Class Women, 1790-1860
Cohen Daniel 2007-8 AAS-NEH Case Western Reserve University associate professor Burning the Charlestown Convent: Private Lives, Public Outrage, and Contested Memory in Nineteenth-Century America
Cohen Joanna 2007-8 Last University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate "'Millions of Luxurious Citizens': Consumption and citizenship in New York and Philadelphia, 1815-1876"
Cohen Kenneth 2006-7 AHPCS University of Delaware PhD candidate 'To Give Good Sport': The Making and Meaning of Sporting Leisure in Early America, 1750-1840
Cohen Lara 2008-9 Botein Wayne State University assistant professor "Counterfeit Presentments: Fraud and the Production of Nineteenth-Century American Literature."
Cohen Lara 2011-12 AAS-NEH Wayne State University assistant professor Notes from Underground: Nineteenth-Century American Print Subcultures
Cohen Lester 1981-82 Daniels Purdue University associate professor The Origins of American Liberalism, 1780-1820
Cohen Michael 2005-6 Tracy New York University PhD. Candidate Poetic Discourses in America, 1870-1915
Cohen Patricia 1977-78 Daniels UC Santa Barbara assistant professor Americans and Numbers
Cohen Patricia 1987-88 AAS-NEH UC Santa Barbara associate professor Safety and Danger: Women in Public
Cohen Patricia 2001-2 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of California, Santa Barbara professor Thomas Low Nichols and Mary Gove Nichols: Sex and Marriage Reform in the 1840s
Cokinos Christopher 1998 Artist Manhattan, Kansas creative writer Research American attitudes toward and representations of now-extinct bird species and subspecies
Cole Phyllis 2004-5 Peterson Penn State Delaware County professor "Feminist Writers and the Periodical Press in Antebellum America"
Coleman Dawn 2006-7 NEMLA University of Tennessee assistant professor Preaching and the Rise of the American Novel
Coleman William 2015-16 Last Washington University in St. Louis Postdoctoral Fellow Domestic Bliss: The Artist and the Country House in Nineteenth-Century America
Collier Jessica 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of California, Irvine PhD candidate The Transcendental Classroom: Childhood Education and Literary Culture in Antebellum America
Conger Vivian 1989-90 Hiatt Cornell University PhD candidate Being Weak of Body but Firm of Mind and Memory: Widowhood in Colonial America, 1630-1750
Conrad Barbara 1994 K-12 California High School, San Ramon, California teacher American Music
Conrad JoAnn 2017-18 Lapides California State University, East Bay adjunct professor Women's Work: Women Illustrators in Commercial Media during the Golden Age of Illustration
Cook Jonathan 1998-99 Peterson The Apocalyptic Imagination in the American Renaissance
Cooke Nym 1982-83 Hiatt Eagle Hill School Lives of the Psalmodists
Cooke Nym 1992-93 AAS-NEH Eagle Hill School Sacred Music in New England, 1720-1780: From Ritual Towards Art
Cooley Nicole 1999 Artist Queens College, CUNY assistant professor The Afflicted Girls: A book of poetry abo theSalem Witch Trials
Cooper Abigail 2016-17 AAS-NEH Brandeis University assistant professor of history ‘Lord, Until I Reach My Home’: Inside the Refugee Camps of the American Civil War
Cooper Benjamin 2011-12 Peterson Washington University in St Louis lecturer Writing American Soldiers: Nineteenth-Century Varieties of Military Experience
Corman Catherine 2000-1 AAS-NEH Harvard University assistant professor Reading, Writing, and Removal: Native American Literacies, 1820-1851
Cornell Saul 1987-88 Hiatt University of Pennsylvania Andrew W Mellon Fellow The Political Thought and Culture of the Antifederalists
Corrigan John 1990-91 RA University of Virginia assistant professor Reason, Passion, and Religion in the Eighteenth Century
Cotlar Seth 1997-98 Peterson Northwestern University PhD candidate In Paine's Absence: The Europeanization of American Political Thought, 1787-1803
Cotlar Seth 2015-16 Last Willamette University professor When the Olden Days Were New: A Cultural History of Nostalgia in Modernizing America, 1776-1860
Countryman Edward 1983-84 Haven Warwick University senior lecturer Liberty, Liberalism, and the Making of Republican America
Couto Nancy Vieira 1995 Artist Poet and freelance editor/consultant, Ithaca, NY Book of Poems and Prose Pieces on America Vesspucci
Coward John 2010-11 AHPCS University of Tulsa associate professor Cartooning with Savages: A Cultural History of Native American Images in the Popular Press
Crabtree Sarah 2013-14 ASECS San Francisco State University Assistant Professor of History Walled Gardens: The Society of Friends, Nationalism, and the Common School, 1770-1840
Crain Patricia 1992-93 Hiatt Columbia University PhD candidate Cultures of Reading in the American Renaissance
Crain Patricia 1997-98 ASECS Princeton University assistant professor The Story of A: Alphabetization and American Literature from The New England Primer to The Scarlet Letter
Crain Patricia 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of Minnesota associate professor Spectral Literacy: Children, Property, and Media in the Nineteenth Century United States
Crane Jacob 2013-14 Schiller Tufts University PhD candidate Walled Gardens: The Society of Friends, Nationalism, and the Common School, 1770-1840
Crawford Richard 1972-73 US Steel University of Michigan assistant professor A Bibliography of American Sacred Music Imprints Through 1810
Crawford Richard 1973-74 Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence University of Michigan assistant professor A Bibliography of American Sacred Music Imprints Through 1810.
Cressy David 1980-81 Daniels Claremont Graduate School visiting associate professor Literacy and Its Uses in Early America
Crosby Sara 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of Notre Dame Ph.D. candidate The Female Poisoner and Popular Print Media in New England, 1840-1860
Crosslin Ursula 2009-10 Reese Ohio State University PhD candidate The Institution of the American Church Choir in Philadelphia, 1760-1860


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