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First Democratization Project

The American Antiquarian Society, in partnership with Tufts University Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), has received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to digitize the Lampi Collection of American Electoral returns. The Electoral returns span the formative years of American democracy from 1787 - 1825.

Complied by Philip J. Lampi over the past four decades, this is the richest and most complete set of early American election returns in existence. Lampi has collected varying amounts of presidential, congressional, gubernatorial, state executive and state legislative election returns (much of it down to the county and/or town level) for all twenty-four states in the Union by 1825. Also among the data are records of party labels for elections and citations to the sources of the information.

The project is already under way, thanks to a 2004 NEH grant to AAS. It is a work in progress but we have already digitized over 14,000 elections that Lampi had previously tabulated in typed or handwritten form.

AAS has received additional grant funding from NEH through May of 2009 to tackle the considerably more complex tasks of processing some 48,000 heretofore-unprocessed source documents (mostly photocopies of election returns Lampi found in contemporary newspapers and archival sources), and digitizing approximately 40 percent of those materials.


Connect to the A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns 1787 - 1825 website

Inquiries concerning this project should be directed to Philip J. Lampi, the compiler of the data, at plampi[at]

For techinical inquiries about the digitization contact Caroline Stoffel, Online Services Librarian, at cstoffel[at]

Read more about Philip Lampi in the January/February 2008 issue of Humanities.


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