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Componenets of the Detailed Record

Label What this information means
Title of Engraving The title of the engraving as transcribed from the print.
If the title is in sqaure brackets, the engraving did not have a title and the given title was contrived to describe the engraving
Main Illustrator The individual responsible for creating the image depicted in the engraving.
Description The first element describes technique (e.g., stip., oval).

The second element describes format. The third element provides dimensions, rounded to the nearest tenth of a centimeter

Notes If the engraving was not a separately published print, the first element describes the work in which the engraving apeared (e.g., Illustration in: The Whole Genuine and Complete Works of Flavius Josephus (New York, 1792), Evans 24437, MWA; (New York, 1794) MWA; (New York, 1799) NNHi). The title of the work is followed directly by the place and date of the publication from which the record is being described. Since the title is cited in Charles Evans' American Bibliography, the "Evans" number is given. (Consult the Bibliography Citation Keyword page for a complete list of bibliographies cited in this catalogue.) The next code, "MWA" for instance, is for the location of the engraving being described. ("MWA" stands for the American Antiquarian Society.) Subsequent listings (e.g., (New York, 1779) NNHi) give locations for other editions of the work, in this case for a 1779 edition printed in New York and held by New-York Historical Society. See the list below for definitions of commonly cited NUC library codes.

If the appearance of the engraving is described, the description appears as the next element in the notes area. A general description of the engraving is given (e.g., "Full bust in uniform, face front; city view in distance").

If the engraving has an inscription, it is transcribed (e.g., Inscription: (in cart. on frame) Engraved / for the / American Edition / of / Maynard's / Josephus. / (below) Doolittle / Addad King of Syria, Stifled to Death / by Hazael, who succedds him on his Throne.) The "/" marks indicate line endings. Capitalization is transcribed as it appears on the engraving.

References Lists any bibliography(ies) in which this engraving appears, along with its citation number. Consult the Bibliography Citation Keyword page for a complete list of bibliographies cited in this catalogue.
Subject(s) Many subject headings were created for speifically for this catalogue. (Use the subject "Browse Search" available on the "Basic Search" page to view the catalogue by subject.
Genre/Form(s) The genre/form terms describe general categories that may be applied to engravings. Consult the genre/form page for a complete list of the terms used in this catalogue.
Printer/Publisher The individual(s) or corporate body(ies) responsible for printing or publishing this engraving.
The individual(s) or corporate body(ies) responsible for inventing, sculpting, or painting the object illustrated by the engraving.
Engraver(s) The individual or corporate body responsible for engraving the print.
Call number(s) Call numbers are not available for most of the engravings in this catalogue.

The note "Avail. in AAS Colls." indicates that the engraving (or the work in which the engraving appears) is held by the American Antiquarian Society.

For engravings that were not separately published, the work in which the item does appear is indicated in the "Notes."

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National Union Catlaog (NUC) Library Codes
Frequently Cited in This Catalogue

Code Library
CSmH Huntington Library, San Marino, CA
CtY Yale University Libraries, New Haven, CT
DLC Library of Congress, Washington
DeWint Winterthur
MB Boston Public Library
MWA American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA
NNHi New-York Historical Society
PPL Library Company of Philadelphia
ViU University of Virginia, Charlottesville


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