Item 22 - Go, Grandpa, go!

Go, Grandpa! Go!

“Christmas morning” from the Ladies’ Casket, New York: H. Dayton, publisher, 1860.

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This scene, taken from the Ladies’ Casket of 1860, shows a happy family enjoying their gifts on Christmas morning. No one is enjoying those gifts more than Grandpa, who is riding a large rocking horse in the living room while his grandchildren cheer him on. All of the new toys are scattered on the floor and mom and dad hide behind an armchair, relishing in this happy family moment. While this book was meant for a lady, it is obvious that a young lady’s younger sibling got a hold of this book. A child has taken purple chalk and added their own touch to the girls' Christmas dresses.

Adopted by Henry and Sophia Penny for Kevin "Pa" Donovan

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