Item 16 - Charity Among the Urban Drifts

Charity Among the Urban Drifts

“Winter of Thirty Seven,”  in The Moss Rose for 1850. New York: Nafis & Cornish and St. Louis: Van Dien and MacDonald, 1849. 

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This illustration of the sale of a load of wood accompanied a moral tale concerning the importance of the Odd-Fellow organization. The winter of 1837 was a hard one in America and many major cities were locked in by ice and snow.  Set in Rochester, New York, this story involves a poor man who can not pay a teamster for a load of wood to heat his home.  A rich man passing by overhears and comes to the rescue, paying the bill.  The poor man was an out of work Odd-Fellow and the rich man was following the Odd-Fellow’s code to assist the poor in a time of need. In the end, everyone is warm and happy!

Adopted by Andrew Cariglia

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